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   Chapter 1404 Extra Story 7 Of Mark Goodbye

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The happiest thing about love was that there would be a response when I called out to you gently.


At that time, the kiss between them had been as mild as a spring breeze, and as sweet as the falling cherry blossoms. There had always been a connection between them.

Sally endured Addison's fierce kiss in silence. At the same time, she kept thinking about the good memories that they had shared in the past seven years so that she wouldn't shake so badly. However, a voice inside her kept telling her that it was a fact that everything had changed, and there was no way to change it back.

Tears slipped from her eyes down to their interlaced lips. Tasting her salty tears, Addison stopped his kissing. Feeling hurt and rejected, he closed his eyes and let go of Sally's lips, but he didn't move away.

Seven years ago, she would be palpitating at the mere thought of his kiss, but now… How could she now only feel humiliated?

Her rejection left Addison feeling more humiliated than he had ever felt before. Why had he waited at the parking lot? Why had he decided to bring her back? Maybe it was because he hadn't reconciled with her, or because he had been discontented, but his anxiety certainly factored in.

It was all written on her face that she didn't want him to dig up what had happened to her over the past seven years. And clearly, someone had helped her to hide her past. Addison wasn't a curious person by nature, but with the help of the Shadow Organization and XK Intelligence Agency, there was nothing that he wouldn't discover.

However, this was Sally! She was so clearly resisting him now, but he couldn't bear the thought of forcing her, or hurting her.

"I'll drive you home," Addison said sadly. He sat up straight, started the car and then drove it quietly and steadily toward the Romantic Club.

The return trip was different from how they had come to the villa, and it was extremely quiet on the way back to the Romantic Club. The atmosphere in the car was oppressive and threatened to suffocate them.

Addison always thought that Sally would forever be only a few steps away, no matter whether it was seven years ago, or right now. Their closeness had been a constant force in their lives. However, their relationship had ended moments after it had just begun.

When the car stopped near the elevator in the parking lot, Addison didn't say anything nor even look at Sally. He was afraid that he couldn't face her.

Sally laid her slender hand on the door and pushed lightly. The door opened. Sally slowly stepped out with one leg and said in a low voice, "Addison..." Both of her feet were outside of the car now, on the ground and ready to carry her away, but she hesitated and still sat in the car with her back to Addison. It was said that people would always yearn for light and time, and therefore they always faced the sun or the light. If you always turned your back to the light, you would become lost in the dark and then lose the confidence to seize the opportunity to gain what you really wanted.

'I have lost my opportunity for happiness, ' Sally grimly thought to herself. People moved on. Such was the way of the world. But Addison hadn't let go, because he still had hopes for Sally. Now that he had seen Sally and realized that they couldn't go back to the way they were, he would finally forget about the past and move on. Time would erased everything.

"I'm sorry," Sally said, looking blankly ahead of her, and her face filled with sorrow. "I thought I wouldn't change, but I overestimated myself." Her voice was carefully devoid of emotions. She had learned how to conceal her real feelings during her seven terrible years in jail. "You are a good person. A perfect, impeccable man. I admired you, but I feel nothing for you now. You couldn't remain in my heart just because of your perfection."

Addison listened quietly, while his left hand stayed tightly clenched around the steering wheel, and his foot stomped down hard on the brakes.

"Thank you," Sally continued honestly, tears cascading down her face. "Thank you for the seven years of your company at that most innocent age!" Sally finally got out, closed the car door, and then resisting her impulse to run away, she walked away with determined steps in her 10-centimeter high heels.

For a long time Addison wasn't able to gather up his courage to look at Sally, until finally he could hardly even hear her footsteps. He turned his head to follow her, but could only catch a glimpse of her. Then she disappeared around the corner like she had done seven years ago.

Addison lay back silently in the driver's seat, staring into empty space with his watery eyes. His soul had been evacuated, and his body was completely nerveless. If love was the curse of the Long Family, what could he do to break that curse? Let her go, or force her to stay with him?

He couldn't act tough to Sally, as his father had done with his mother. Yet he wasn't willing to let her go, either.

His heart twitched, like someone was ripping it apart with barbed wires. The pain grew worse and it throbbed painfully in his chest. Addison covered the left side of his chest with one hand, while the other hand gripped the steer wheel tighter, until the blue veins stood out between his fingers. He lowered his head, opened his mouth and struggled painfully to breathe.

The pain was dozens of times, or even a hundred times worse than any of t

ik, the only son of the Ji Family, had become the ruler of the Ji family, which not only highlighted the inevitable change of an era, but also meant that Henrik's secrets had become his enemy's most powerful weapon against him.

"Young Master," Wyatt said as he entered. Seeing the maidservant was helping Addison get dressed, he lowered his head and continued, "We have sent the gift to the Ji's. Roger said he wanted to have a little chat with you before the party. If it's convenient, he wants you to show up early."

Addison waited for the maidservant to fasten the shield boutonniere, the sigil of ruler candidate, on his chest, then lifted his leg and said, "Then, let's head for the Ji's."

"Copy that!" Wyatt replied, nodded to the maidservant, and then followed Addison out.

It was a hot summer day on the Dragon Island, and even the sea breeze felt sultry. Addison sat in the car, checking the data report with the laptop on his knees. Frowning, he took out his phone, dialed a number and then yelled, "Charlie, I have warned you about this!"

"Yeah, but I didn't make you any promises!" Charlie answered in a lazy voice filled with relish at the inconvenience he had now caused. Laughing proudly, Charlie had the picture of a frowning Addison in his mind. "Addison, it was Elsa's idea, and Evelyn agreed with it, too."

Addison rubbed at his nose between the eyes and said, "Don't always use them to excuse yourself. If you continue on being like this, you will swiftly swallow up the game department of the Flight Media. And in the end, it will be me who cleans up the mess you make, again." He had always helped Charlie. But if Charlie's power kept growing stronger, then as the president of the Dragon Empire Group, he would have to suppress Charlie's faction to balance the power of each faction in the group. This would be his last resort.

"I've just arrived at the Ji's," Charlie said, and shot Elsa a glance to comfort her when he saw that she was worried about Addison blaming her. "We'll continue our talk when you arrive." Then he hung up the phone hurriedly.

Addison heard the beep sound of the phone, and then frowned even harder. Charlie and Evelyn were completely messing around! Addison heaved a sigh, and then continue to work. He typed on the laptop with his slender fingers to reply to the email sent from the Flight Media, then he closed the laptop and turned to look at the views outside of the window.

A person who had just gotten out of a relationship couldn't bear to see the intimacy between other couples in the places where he had himself been on dates. Addison wasn't an exception. He was also human and had feelings!

Maybe the kids were all just precocious. Charlie had fallen in love with Elsa since he was a youngster, likewise, when Addison had developed a crush on Sally, he had also only been thirteen or fourteen. The difference was that Charlie and Elsa had ended up getting married, but Addison was still alone.

A bitter smile flashed across Addison's face, and the car turned onto the boulevard.

All the celebrities from political and business circles had gathered for Roger's birthday party. Even all of the parents who had gone abroad and no longer took care of their affairs had returned to Dragon Island.

Journalists from all of the media outlets clicked their cameras insanely when they saw cars arrive at the party.

"Addison's car is arriving!" someone yelled. Suddenly everyone was rushing to the gate.

A catchy Bentley was driving in.

The sound of clicking cameras came in rapid staccato, and the many flashes were like a blinding lightning storm.

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