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   Chapter 1403 Extra Story 6 Of Mark Go With Him

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Sally suddenly thought of something she'd read from a book before. "When you get something, oftentimes you don't get to have it for a long time. But once you lose something, there's a chance that it will come back to you again." It really fit her situation. Everyone always had something that made them sad whenever they saw, and everyone had someone that they'd never ever forget.


Sally sat by the roadside. She was wearing Chandler's suit and wasn't wearing her heels anymore, but instead they were neatly set aside. She could feel the rough gravel pressed up against the soles of her feet. She leaned her head slightly so that it was between her knees. She watched cars passing by as the street buzzed with its own noise—her eyes reflected the gleam of the cars' lights.

Chandler leaned on the car, lit a cigarette, and took a drag. As he exhaled the smoke, the wind blew along with it. Neither he nor Sally spoke, as if they had an understanding. The two were quietly waiting for Rose. Deep in his heart, Chandler just wanted to give Sally some space where she could be alone and everything was quiet.

A sudden roar of the engine came, as a car pulled over behind Chandler's car. Chandler and Sally instinctively looked at the car. They watched as Rose got out, looking as beautiful as ever. She was extremely beautiful—she was tall and had an hour-glass figure. Today, she wearing a red, tight dress that hugged her breasts. It slid down all the way to her thighs like a fish tail elegantly showing her beautiful body. Her heels clicked as she walked towards Sally. When she spoke, her voice was cold like ice. "You're a coward. If you can't see him today, then with the worst case scenario, you can come to Dragon Island later with me."

Sally shook her head. If she didn't see Addison today or meet him so frequently, she would have to go to Dragon Island, but she just couldn't for now. Once she returned, she'd never be able to leave.

She stood up in her bare feet and looked at Rose. "Rose, thanks... I'll figure out another way. I survived not seeing him for the past seven years. I think I can wait a few days if that's how long it takes to see him."

Rose opened her mouth as if to curse Sally but Chandler piped in. "No problem," he said, winking at Rose before continuing, "Henrik hasn't lived on Dragon Island for so long. If he's returning, then he will take the people in his villa back." If Chandler wasn't mistaken, Sally was looking for Rachel, the girl his uncle adopted six years ago.

If it wasn't for Sally, Chandler would've forgotten all about Rachel. He occasionally saw her in the first few years after she was adopted but afterwards, he never saw her again. Once, he asked his aunt about her and she just said that Rachel was in another country. But he hadn't heard from anyone else about her whereabouts. He happened to know Rose then, so he just let it go.

However, it was always a surprise whenever someone changed drastically because it was always caused by something that happened whether it was an accident or just something special. For example, when Henrik returned, Roger gave him the Ji Family's business to manage because of an accident. Consequently, Henrik had to stay on Dragon Island for a period of time.

Rose was smart—she knew that something happened based on the look on Chandler's face. She didn't want to talk about it anymore. Instead, she sighed and said, "Just forget it. Let's just think about it carefully before we make any decisions." After, she looked at Chandler. "I'll bring Sally home. I'll call you later. Thanks for everything."

Chandler smiled up to his ears at Rose's gentle tone. "I'll hold you to that. Don't forget to call."

"All right, I won't." Rose chuckled to herself as she glanced at Chandler. She gestured for Sally to get in the car and then they drove off, each car going another direction.

Sally was exhausted since last night and her mind was still racing. She wasn't feeling her best when she got out of the car.

"Sally, are you okay?" Rose asked with concern.

Sally turned to Rose, shaking her head with a smile. "I'm fine. I'm just tired and need some rest..."

Rose fixed her eyes at her and nodded. She was worried about Sally but she didn't want to push it. After all, everyone had their own secrets and some just wanted it to stay that way—a secret.

They walked to the elevator silently. The clatter of high heels on the floor in the spacious and quiet park rung in Sally's ears.

Suddenly, Sally stopped and fixed her eyes on Addison who was staring at her deeply and standing in front of the Maybach car. She was petrified as she remained unmoved.

Rose followed Sally's eyes only to find Addison. She was astonished herself. She thought, 'Young Master? Why does he come here again?' There wouldn't be a problem if she hadn't seen him but since she did, she had to greet him. In addition to that, this man was the future ruler of Dragon Island. It would be a big load

r pausing for a while, "All the information here must be fake."

Addison curled his lips and turned to Sally as he asked Wyatt, "What has she done in those seven years that she doesn't want anyone to know? Obviously, someone moved the information because of those seven years."

Sally was stunned. Even if she didn't know who did that, she was relieved.

Addison was smiling coldly. "Find out more information."

"No..." Sally said instinctively, anxiety evident in her eyes.

Addison remained silent and just gazed back at her as if he was waiting for her to continue.

Sally placed her hands under her legs as she gritted her teeth. "Addison, if I say that I don't want anything to do with you anymore, you're still not going to leave me alone, right?"

"Yes," Addison answered without thinking. "Before, I thought my father still had a lot of room for improvement in terms of his relationship with my mother. After all, I looked up to him. But now, I suddenly realize that sometimes, being reasonable isn't the best way to go."

Sally closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she opened them and looked at Addison. "Fine," she murmured, as if it took all she had to be able to compromise. "Addison, I hope you don't regret this."

"I never regret anything." Addison hung up the phone and said slowly and forcefully, "Come here." After, he pulled Sally into his arms. Then he leaned in and shoved his tongue in her mouth, kissing her hard.

There wasn't any tenderness at all in this kiss—only pure passion, aggression, and even anger. Sally wanted to push him away but it seemed as if she couldn't.

Eventually, she gave in and stopped resisting as she let Addison kiss her. She closed her eyes slowly as tears streamed down her face.

She remembered her life before those seven years, specifically, her last few days of freedom. It was cherry blossom season. She was leaning against a tree and watching the cherry blossoms dance with the wind. It seemed as if at that moment, she had nothing to worry about.

Addison was looking at her in amazement. She was wearing a white dress and an infectious smile on her face. Radiant was she as she stood underneath the falling cherry blossoms.

"Sally, you're so beautiful. It's a good thing that you are my girlfriend." Addison also leaned against the tree and turned to look at her, saying softly, "If you leave me someday, I don't know what I'd do. I'd be so lost without you."

Sally curled her lips and smiled. Then she turned and kissed Addison's cheek. Looking at his astonished expression, she said playfully, "If you treat me well, maybe I won't leave you."

Addison laughed. "You're just tempting me to do something bad with you." He sighed. "I'm just a regular boy. Don't call me a bully for teasing you, a teenage girl."

"You know, I'll be an adult in half a year." Sally smiled, her eyebrows raised. She was obviously enjoying this. She didn't say anything, but Addison seemed to get it anyway. He indulged in her beautiful smile. He just wanted to look at her forever and hold her in his arms forever.

He suddenly shifted, catching Sally off guard as he pinned her against the cherry blossom tree. He was gazing at her—joy in his eyes. Then he leaned towards her so that his handsome face was close to hers. Soon, their lips touched.

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