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   Chapter 1402 Extra Story 5 Of Mark Like A Shadow

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Time is capable of letting everything fade away, and strengthening certain types of memories. Some may say that it requires little effort to forget someone, but they still cannot do it. Some relationships may even put you right back at square one after a winding road.


"Is it time to go?" Henrik frowned. "It's not beginning yet. Are you kidding me?" There was tension in the air.

Addison heaved a slight sigh and shook his head. "It occurs to me that I forgot to do something important. It needs my attention right away, or it will bother me all evening."

Hearing this, Henrik felt uncertain of what he meant and frowning, he asked for confirmation, "Do you mean Sally?" The tension grew at the mention of her name. Henrik had mentioned her name with caution.

Addison didn't give any response, neither confirming nor denying it, since he was familiar with Henrik's personality. To outsiders, he was a strong man who was given to changing moods, but decisive when facing a challenge. With women, he was always the tender and engaging gentleman. Suave and attractive, while being desired by many. However, when it came to Addison... Henrik's curiosity was extremely potent and sometimes got the better of him. Of course, he may have derived that from being in the National Congress of Dragon Island.

Men were always ambitious. A man without ambition was a nobody. He had never minded that there was someone like Addison urging him to strive for the best, but that didn't mean that he would allow his own business to be exposed in front of him.

Addison fetched his suit and was about to leave. Right at this moment, there was a polite knock at the door.

"Come in!" Henrik looked upset where he was sitting behind the office desk.

The door was pushed open, and a servant came in. "Young Master, Chandler and Hotch have arrived."

"I see," Henrik acknowledged, and then prepared to go downstairs with Addison.

They were always under the spotlight. Although Addison didn't usually attract a lot of publicity, it didn't mean that no one knew him. In addition, with Henrik's public identity, anyone who was with him would become a person of interest to the mass of guests.

Addison wore a poker face, perhaps being preoccupied with Sally's business, so he barely noticed the person walking towards him.

"Sally? Is that you?" Henrik was speechless.

Addison raised his eyes slowly to look at her, his face showing little change and remaining completely neutral. There were two couples who had entered the building.

First, was Hotch Gu from Gu's Corporations. With him was Rose, the top girl from the Romantic Club. Behind the two of them, was the younger son of Henrik's aunt, Chandler. Was that Sally next to him?! Addison turned his eyes to her.

Coming to a standstill, Addison could not take his eyes off of Sally, who he had not seen in a very long time. She was only ten when he had first known her. She was seventeen when she had left him. He had a lot on his plate back then, so he had mostly only seen her in her school uniform then.

However, now she was already 24, and had grown into an engaging young girl. At the moment, the strapless, pink lace costume draped about her made her the shiniest star of the occasion. In addition, her hair was a lustrous length, but refined into a graceful appearance with fine, crystal hair hoops. Her 4-inch high-heels made her almost as tall as Chandler.

She was a gorgeous vision, complete with diamond accessories and a luxurious costume. He had fantasized about all of these more than once. Especially, he had dreamed that she stood next to him, and he could officially introduce her to all the members of the Long Family.

"Addison? Addison..." Henrik called to him in a low voice, but noticed that Addison was still watching Sally in the small crowd and was completely distracted, and ignored his calls.

Addison finally broke eye-contact and went downstairs, saying, "It seems that I cannot leave."

Henrik murmured something, indicating he didn't have much to say about the matter either, and followed him downstairs.

Both of them headed towards Hotch and Chandler. Brian was mingling among the crowd, walking with a refined pace, and paying little attention to how other saw him. It was as if the crowd was invisible to him.

Hotch had never thought that he would meet Addison, so he grappled to find a topic to discuss. In the end he managed to ask, "You haven't left?"

"I'll be leaving tomorrow," Addison answered, still absent-minded, with his eyes still lingering on Sally who was talking carefully with Rachel. "It's rare that Chandler brings any girl with him."

It was no longer a secret that Chandler was fond of Rose, but Rose just treated everyone the same, and Chandler held little significance to her. It was very common for men to have affairs, especially for those rich guys. It was also acceptable for women to do so, but when they became addicted to the intrigue and seduction, this was not a good thing. Although the rumors had gone viral since Rose's arrival here, no man had been able to win her heart because she was not a casual girl.

What Addison had said eventually drew Sally's attention, she looked at him with a vague recognition at first, trying to place him in her memories. Then she paused and stared at him reflectively. When she looked into his complicated, dark eyes, she stepped back spontaneously as her mind finally found him in her memories.

Her heels, which were too high, made her loose her balance and twist her ankle. She almost fell down.

Chandler instantly caught her and held her like a true gentleman, and asked gently, "Are you okay?"

Sally nodded to indicate that she was fine, and cast a brief glimpse at Addison. Then she heard Chandler heaving a sigh and he started complaining, "I had just said that you should not have worn such high heels, but you insisted on doing so. Just so that you could impress me." Though it sounded like a complaint, it actually showed his favor. Chances were good that they would be viewed as a

t through the window. He was distracted by the sight of an insect whizzing in the light of the lamp. Without seemingly much interest, he ordered, "Find a private plane and take her back to Dragon Island."

Hearing this, Chad was utterly shocked. "But considering Miss Ji's status quo..."

Henrik raised his hand and immediately cut off any more of Chad's suggestions. Rising from his chair he said coldly, "I'll be back soon."

"But..." Although Chad had wished to gain some relief for Lina, he had to give up on that notion because of Henrik's threatening look and he ending up capitulating with a, "Yes, sir." So he turned around and headed back outside.

"Chad," Henrik suddenly called out again. "Lina has to make a change. She can't always act like that. It's impossible that I can look after her forever."

Chad seemed to understand his intention, but he felt helpless, too. "Yes, sir, I see." He heaved a sigh, and then left the study.

The party was still in full swing. Even though the owner was absent, the guests were still having fun on their own. As Chad went downstairs, Hotch also brought Rose back.

Returning to where he lived, Chad felt sorry for Lina who was tearfully huddled in the corner of the room. "Lina, Young Master has assigned me to take you back to Dragon Island."

When she heard mention of Dragon Island, Lina began weeping and choked on her words, "No, no, no... I'm not going to go back to Dragon Island... I won't... Ah..."

Chad had no choice but to leave the shouting and ranting Lina alone. It was lucky that there was some distance between the servant's room and that of the villa owner's, so fortunately it was unlikely that the owner would hear her screams. However, her fearful look scared Chad, and he felt greatly pained at the sight of her emotional breakdown.

Lina was just 22 years old, the most beautiful age in a girl's life. Nevertheless, she had already suffered from such a huge grief. Why should she need to bear such tragedy? He could not understand why life was so cruel at times.

Lina stood up abruptly, dashed forward and, shoving Chad out of her way, she rushed from the room. He did not have time to react. She just ran madly towards the main dwelling like a woman possessed, disregarding the shouts from Chad.

However, before she reached the main building, she was stopped by the servants that Chad had called. One of them swiftly gagged her before she could scream out and attract attention. They pleaded with her, "Miss Lina, please don't do that. We'll be incriminated by what you did. You will get us into trouble!" While talking, they pulled Lina into the darkness.

Lina's voice was raw and filled with desperate fears, but the servants showed no mercy at all. They were acting with all speed, in case anyone might notice the fuss.

From a distance, a pair of eyes was watching the whole scenario that had just happened. When the servants had all vanished with Lina, the man behind the eyes commented, "Interesting..." After a pause, his lips curved into an evil smile. "I never understood before why the Ji Family had adopted the Li Family's younger daughter, but now… Now it ended up like this. I can't imagine how Sally would feel if she were informed of this." With these silent observations he turned and prepared to leave.

"Master Matthew, you don't wish to follow up on it?" the servant beside him asked.

"No," Matthew replied. "Nothing will be more engaging than that. Let's go." Suddenly he stopped walking. "If I remember correctly, Sally must have been discharged from prison recently, right?"

"Yes, Master Matthew." The servant beside him smiled, hoping there would be an interesting performance to follow.

"Fine, go contact her later." Matthew silently heaved a sigh. "Perhaps we will have the pleasure to enjoy it."

Hearing this, the man following in Matthew's steps added after a second thought, "If we take advantage of what had happened seven years ago, and seize this opportunity to strike at the Ji Family, it will be fun as well."

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