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   Chapter 1401 Extra Story 4 Of Mark A Transaction

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Sally looked calm. "Mr. Ji, that is your real purpose today, right?" "I'll give you another identity."

Henrik walked to the couch and took out a bottle of wine. He poured one glass for himself and said slowly, "But from now on, you have to do as I say."

Sally pursed her lips, sneering. "Mr. Ji, thank you so much for your kindness." Her expression turned cold. "I'm sorry but I like deciding for myself. I don't think I can do that." She paused, fuming. When she spoke, she didn't even try to hide her anger. "Plus I haven't seen my sister in the last seven years. I think I can handle another seven years. And even if you try to forcibly stop it, Mr. Ji, you can't possibly stop me forever. You can't stop me from seeing her. It'll happen one of these days and you won't be able to stop it." As soon as she stopped, she turned around and prepared to leave.

Just as Sally's hand touched the door handle, a calm but cold voice suddenly came from behind. "Sally, this is your last chance. If you come running to me next time, you'll get nothing."

Sally tightened her grip on the door handle and pursed her lips. She kept her chin up and didn't even turn her head back. "I'm sure I won't regret anything." After that, she pushed the door open and walked out.

She didn't want to disrupt Rachel's life. She just wanted to check on her and see if she was happy and healthy. Seven years ago, she made a mistake that ruined her life. She wasted seven years of her life in prison. She'd never allow anyone to take control of her life like that again.

Henrik watched as the door was slowly shut. He was grinning. He turned and headed to sit on the couch. He picked up his phone from the table and made a call.

As soon as his call was picked up, he asked, "Addison, what's your relationship with Sally?"

"No matter what our relationship is, you can't mess with her." After affixing his signature, Addison closed the file. He gestured for the director of Flight Media to step outside for a while. Then Addison stood up and walked towards the window in his office. "Henrik, don't you even think about it!" He looked at his scenery—a bird's eye view of T City. It was littered with cars honking their horns, streetlights, skyscrapers, everything you'd find in a full-blown city. After years of hard work, Flight Media and Dream Media had finally merged to become one of the top ten media companies in the world. As he stood in his office which was situated at the top floor of the building, he felt like he was on top of the world.

Henrik frowned slightly. "I was taken aback by her sudden appearance." He paused for a moment. "Why haven't I seen you with her all these years? And I haven't even heard of her."

"What do you want to know?" Addison placed a palm on his forehead. To everyone else, Henrik was this temperamental person, but to Addison, he was different. "But you need to think about it carefully. I would never dig out someone's past or privacy like that, but if you're asking, I won't mind doing it."

Henrik opened his mouth, intending to say something but decided against it. He wanted to ask more but Addison was a man of his word and it wasn't that simple. "Wow, that only made me more curious."

"Good. Be curious." Addison's voice sounded tired. "But it's better if you keep quiet about this."

Henrik's eyes deepened. He changed the subject by asking, "I'm throwing a party in my villa tonight. Would you like to come?" Before Addison could answer, Henrik added in a hurry, "Chad says he hasn't seen you for a long time."

"Hmm." Addison lowered his voice when he heard a knock on the door. "All right, I'll see you tonight." Before Henrik could respond, Addison had already hung up the phone. "Come in."

The secretary of the president of Flight Media, Kate Ning had just come in. "Boss!" She quickly gathered herself and then placed the file folder she'd been holding on the table. She said hastily, "These are the signed contracts of the actors and actresses of both Flight Media and Dream Media. Oh, Yvonne Lin's contract is expiring and she might go work for another company." She was very efficient in reporting to her boss.

Addison sat down and checked the contracts. He quickly scanned through all of them before saying, "Force her out of the entertainment circle then!"

Kate frowned slightly. "The movie Yvonne's in is going to be released next month. Jannis directed it and it's going to be promoted all over the world. If we force her out now..." She looked at Addison and felt somewhat nonplussed. Addison, to everybody, seemed like a kind and harmless president. He had a charming smile that would make you forget that he was the president of one of the top media companies. But as his secretary here, she knew how cruel he could get.

Addison signed the files and raised his head, asking, "Tell Chilton Lu to deal with Jannis. We'll make her pay back all the money we spent on Yvonne." Then he got up. "Cancel today's and tomorrow's schedules."

Lips quivering, Kate just nodded in agreement. She watched as Addison went away with Wyatt.

Wyatt aimlessly drove the car on the streets of T City. Every now and then, he would glance at Addison who was sitting in the back seat. Addison sighed, obviously lost in his own tho

ng Master has a party today and he won't be able to come see you. So, behave well and I'll cook you your favorite steak. Does that sound like a deal to you?"

She curled up in her corner, her eyes blank. She just shook her head. "I want to see my brother. I want to see Henrik. I want to be with Henrik. Just us."

Chad increasingly became anxious. He didn't know why Henrik threw a party in the first place. Henrik knew his sister was scared of loud noises and basically everyone in the world except him and Chad.

"Ah..." She suddenly shrieked. She held her head with both hands as she cried, "Where's Henrik?"

If the room wasn't soundproof, Chad worried that she might have disturbed the guests with all the screaming. He approached her and knelt down so that he was at her eye level. He tried to comfort her, and his voice was low when he asked, "How about I stay with you? I'm only going to leave when Henrik arrives, okay?"

She looked at Chad and then shook her head. She looked so scared. She was always scared of everything and she often turned to Henrik for comfort. "No. I want Henrik. Chad, please tell my brother to come here. Please?"

Chad opened his mouth but he didn't know what to say. He gritted his teeth because he didn't know what to do. Just as he'd decided to refuse her, the bedroom door flew open. "Young Master!"

"Henrik..." When she saw Henrik, her eyes sparkled. She hastily got up and ran towards him. Then she noticed his eyebrows knitted together and she stopped, lowered her head, and whispered, "Henrik..."

Henrik looked back at the girl who wanted to approach him but didn't dare to. He looked conflicted. "You were crying again?" The voice was thick with displeasure.

She bit her lip and retreated. She looked at Henrik fearfully.

Henrik turned around slowly, refusing to look at the pitiful expression on her face. Then he said coldly, "I need to greet the guests. I can't stay with you. If you're scared, you can stay in Chad's room. I'll go to you when the party's over and take you back here."

She wanted to shake her head and say no but when she saw the look on Henrik's face, she didn't bother to argue out of fear. She just lowered her head and tried her best to keep her tears from falling.

Chad walked towards her. "My Lady, let's go..."

She helplessly looked at Henrik again. She wanted him to take back his decision at the last minute. But he didn't do that.

When Chad took the little girl away, Henrik turned and walked out of the bedroom. He was headed downstairs.

It was 7:40 now. The host was to be there in 20 minutes. Henrik wasn't feeling anxious. He went to his study first on the 2nd floor. When he saw that Addison was still standing where he'd left him, he couldn't help but sigh. In a low voice, he said, "Why are you hiding your feelings? I'm not used to that."

Addison turned around, his eyes exploding with different kinds of emotions. "I have to go now." As he spoke, he put his wine glass on the table and didn't bother to say any more. He knew he would feel uneasy here the whole night thinking of Sally. He did what he could to stop the Shadow Organization from investigating her to find out what had happened to her in the past seven years. His father never used these kinds of methods before against his mother and maybe that was why they wasted four years. but what about him?

It turned out that no matter how powerful you were, you were weak when you were in love... The more you loved her, the weaker you were.

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