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   Chapter 1400 Extra Story 3 Of Mark Missing

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 17370

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Many years ago, all Sally wanted was to be with Addison forever. It dawned on her later that this simple wish turned out to be just fantasy.


Sally's heart missed a beat. Addison's words sounded casual but she could feel her stomach twisting. "I thought this was Henrik's car." She tried to keep a firm, tight rein on her racing mind. "It was just an accident."

"An accident?" Addison repeated scornfully, fixing his black eyes on her face which looked exactly the same seven years ago, but this time, it looked rather cold. "Then was it also just an accident that you suddenly stepped into my life?"

Sally opened her mouth but at last closed it. She was so upset with Addison that she said something that she didn't really meant. "Addison, I didn't step into your life. You forced me!"

Such hurtful words would break anyone's heart. It stung not only Sally but also Addison.

Addison stood in front of her, lost in thought for a long time as if he was driven into the hell by her cruel words. Well, she was right. She was always right.

"Well, Addison..." Sally regretted her words when she saw the look on his face. She tried to explain but she couldn't say a word. The past was just that now—the past. She already felt bad enough. Addison didn't need to fell that too.

He could be the possible ruler of the Dragon Island in the future. Since he was the president of the world-famous Dragon Empire Group, she didn't think she could measure up to him.

Sally tightened her lips and kept her mouth shut. She straightened her back and squared her shoulders proudly.

Addison stared at Sally for a long time before turning around. When he did, he said, "Wyatt, send her away." Meanwhile, he was walking towards the villa. There wasn't any hesitation in his stride as if nothing had just happened, as if Sally was nothing but a stranger to him.

Wyatt lowered his head respectfully. "Yes, sir! " He then approached Sally with a blank expression and said, "Miss Li, please."

Only Wyatt knew about the relationship that Addison and Sally had. Wyatt had been Addison's shadown since Addison was fifteen years old. He never left Addison's side. When he wasn't there and there was an emergency, he'd drop everything just to be there for Addison right away. Wyatt knew how important his role was because Addison was a candidate to be the next ruler of Dragon Island.

Sally was submerged in mixed feelings. She looked at Addison wistfully as he strode off, confident in his steps. She looked away and said, "No, thanks." She walked past Wyatt indifferently, intending to leave.

"Please get in the car, Miss Li." Wyatt's tone was flat. "I'm only following my Young Master's orders. I do as I've been told."

Sally stopped, clenching her fists. She wanted to refuse the ride but she decided to just give in. Since he was the shadow of the heir of Dragon Island, Wyatt had to do as Addison had ordered him to do or he might get punished. She couldn't let anyone suffer for her, much less someone who had nothing to do with her relationship with Addison.

However, Sally didn't realize that there were so many things that she couldn't change.

Wyatt came back when he finished dropping Sally off at the foot of the hill. It took him so much time that it was nearly midnight when he came back. When he went inside the villa, he saw Addison standing in front of the window with his hands in his pockets, looking outside. "Young Master."

Addison didn't speak for a long time, so long that the stillness and silence in the room eventually brought a thick tension. Only then did he ask slowly, "Where did she get out of the car?"

"She asked to get out at the foot of the hill," Wyatt answered politely.

Then Addison kept silent again. After a while, he said to Wyatt, "You can rest now."

Wyatt looked at Addison, intending to say something. But finally he lowered his head and answered, "Yes, sir!" When he raised his head, he looked at Addison for a moment before leaving the villa.

Addison stood there for a long time as a specific memory came flooding back to his mind. Outside, the sky was a pitch black.

Back then, it was a little cold on Dragon Island. He got up very early because he was travelling out of the country and he wanted to see Sally before he left. There was only a thin light across the snowy, black night sky. Her face was red from the chill. She looked satisfied nonetheless.

"My darling, how long have you been waiting here?" Sally's eyes lit up when she saw Addison, "How long have you been here?"

"I just arrived," Addison said gently.

"You're cheating me." Looking at the snow on Addison's hair, Sally said shrewdly, "There's snow on your hair. You must have been here when you called me instead of staying at home!"

Addison just smiled before saying gently, "Come, take a walk with me, darling..." Then he grabbed Sally's hand and led her to the small park in the street.

The park was quiet and only the sound of their footsteps could be heard—this was only possible because it was cold outside and it was so early in the morning. Their vision was shrouded with a thin layer of fog and every time they spoke, they could see th

really feeling underneath his stony demeanor. However, at that moment, a light smile was playing on his lips. Normally, it would be pleasant to see such a smile but somehow, it looked creepy.

"So you are Sally, Rachel's sister? Is that right?" Henrik looked at Sally. There was only coldness in his voice.

Sally suddenly knitted her eyebrows but she managed to look calm. "Yes, sir."

"When you went to jail, you wouldn't allow her to visit you. Once you got out, the first thing you did was try to find her." Henrik gestured towards Nina for her to leave the room which she did. Then he approached Sally. "You're such a good sister, aren't you?" He stopped in front of Sally and raised his hand. He put his forefinger just below her chin and lifted it so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

Sally remained calm. She could see his face clearly now. "It seems that you already know everything. Looks like you already knew who I was before we even met yesterday."

"Yes," Henrik admitted, retreating his finger. "I was the one who picked Rachel up when you left. But she didn't bring anything with her except your photos." He paused before continuing, "But I already threw them out..." He turned aside and said in a firm tone, "Our family doesn't need anything else. Rachel is just an exception."

Sally said bitterly, "I see. So you see humans as objects in your family."

Henrik didn't lose his temper. Instead, he looked at Sally scornfully. And then he said, "Are you trying to say that you are not 'anything?'"

Sally was not in the mood to play the lingual tricks with him because she found it childish.

"Sally, a smart woman wouldn't say anything stupid even if she's impulsive." Henrik spoke slowly. Then he walked off to get himself and Sally something to drink. He took a sip from the glass before asking, "I'm just a little curious. How did you manage to get out alive in Addison's car?" Dimmed were his eyes when he continued, "As far as I'm concerned, this is the first time that something like that has happened."

Sally couldn't help but feel worried and scared. It was acceptable for Addison to have felt her presence inside the car, but how could have Henrik found out?

"Even you're thin," Henrik said as he eyed Sally from head to toe, "you probably weigh about 50 kilos or so. Anyone trained well enough can easily tell that someone or something of that weight was in the car."

Since Sally and Addison hid their relationship so well, Henrik didn't know of their past. "Well, sir, you shouldn't be meddling into something that you're not involved in," Sally said coldly. "Now that everything's clear, I'm just going to go straight to the point. I want to see my sister!"

Henrik furrowed his eyebrows as he glanced at the red wine that was circling in his glass. He sighed and said, "No."

"Why not?" Sally widened her eyes as she spoke. "Even if your family was her guardian, Rachel's already grown up so you have no right to stop her from seeing me."

"All right. So what are you going to tell her then when you see her?" Henrik asked her.

Sally answered firmly, "I'm her older sister!"

Henrik chuckled, "Well, seven years ago, you were her sister." Then he continued, "When we adopted her as a member of our family, she wasn't Rachel anymore."

Sally was at a loss for words as she was confused.

"Sally, why don't we make a deal?" Henrik looked at Sally, his smile growing more and more sinister.

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