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   Chapter 1399 Extra Story 2 Of Mark Got Discharged From Prison

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7778

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T City was a city where the lights were turned on even at night—it was a city that never slept. Colorful neon signs and headlights were part of the night's spectacle.

Sally was hiding in the trunk of the Maybach. Fortunately, the trunk was big enough to comfortably fit her. 'The car's been driving for quite a while now. Why hasn't it stopped yet?' Sally wondered.

She also kept thinking how she would bring Rachel up to Henrik. According to Nina, Rachel's interim guardian, her distant relative had transferred the guardianship to the Ji Family six years ago. Most of the Ji Family members lived abroad. Only Roger, the old master, stayed on the Dragon Island while Henrik, the young master, bounced from place to place.

Sally couldn't figure out why the Ji Family, such a powerful and rich family, would adopt Rachel. A poor, humble family like hers would never have gotten involved with a family like the Ji Family.

Suddenly memories of the past came back to her mind—her face twisted in pain as she recalled all of it. She'd never gotten involved with anyone rich and powerful, perhaps only one person. A person who she wanted to see the most but dared not see; a person whose status was so high that she shrunk in comparison. She started reminiscing again.

"Sally, let's make our relationship public after you graduate from high school! What do you say?" His voice sounded so gentle that her heart melted, but his tone was questionable.

"Addison, you're such a pedophile!" Sally joked. That summer, she was at her happiest. She was like the sun with all her energy. "You've liked me since you were ten! You're the pedophile!"

Addison said, wearing a doting smile. "I'm just way too mature for my age! I met you when you were ten!" He wrapped his arms around Sally before he continued, "Sally, I'm telling you! I've been chasing you for seven years. I don't know what I would do if you suddenly rejected me!"

Sally said nothing; instead, she rested her head on the twenty-year-old boy's shoulder. Now, he was not only the future of the Dragon Island, but he was also leader to its people. And her? She was still as captivated as ever.

People said that the Long Family was stubborn and loyal. If they fell in love with someone, that love was forever. What started from an innocent crush had turned into

lly checked that there was only one Maybach at the parking lot. Where had she gone wrong? Why was Addison here?

Addison coldly looked at Sally—eyeing her up and down. He knew that someone was in the trunk of his car the minute he got in. But without missing a beat, he calmly asked Wyatt to drive back to the villa. When they arrived, they got out and waited patiently. The parking lot of the Romantic Club was not easy to get in, because it was well-guarded. There were a lot of upper-class guests so the club made sure that their guests still had privacy. If a person could slip into his car in the parking lot, it was either someone from the Romantic Club or an expert.

However, Addison didn't think it would be Sally.

When Sally saw him, he could only see disbelief in her eyes not even an ounce of joy or surprise.

She… She didn't want to see him at all!

Addison frowned. Seven years ago, when he had been preparing to tell his family about her, she had suddenly disappeared leaving him only a message. He had been waiting for her for seven years. Now suddenly seeing her here, Addison lost his bearings.

Addison walked closer to Sally, taking it one step at a time. As he did, Sally kept inching backwards.

"What…what do you want?" Sally stuttered. She regretted what she had said the moment the words left her mouth.

Addison lowered his head and chuckled. "What do I want?" he murmured. Grinding his teeth, Addison raised his head, gazed at Sally.

"That's what you want to say to me after seven years?" he said slowly.

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