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   Chapter 1398 Extra Story 1 Of Mark Got Discharged From Prison

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9033

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Everyone had a secret regardless of your nobility or status.

"28143, you can leave now," a female prison guard said to a short-haired woman in front of her. "Once you leave, behave yourself. Do not come back again."

The iron gate clanked open. The short-haired woman dragged her heavy feet as she walked out of prison.

The sun was up and shining brightly. The sunshine hit the surrounds beautifully; the leaves, the trees, and even the woman's face. She raised her head and looked up at the sun, eyes squinting. She was dazzled by the sunshine but she didn't look down. She just kept staring at the sun until she felt dizzy and everything had blacked out. She then bowed her head and closed her eyes. Her mind suddenly flashed back to seven years ago.

"Sally, bitch! I'm going to let you die here like a dog!"

"Well, we'll see who's going to die first."

The two women were wrestling on the floor. Sally hit the woman with whatever she could reach—she'd gone mad.

After a popping noise, everything soon fell into a thick silence.

"Sally, you didn't kill her, did you?" Rachel asked in horror, watching the woman lay still under Sally, her eyes widened. Blood streamed down from her forehead like a waterfall.

Sally got up, but she felt like her world was spinning and she was falling into an abyss. The thing she was holding clattered on the floor. She walked up to Rachel, held her tightly, and said in a calm voice, "Little Pear, promise me that you'll live your life the way you're supposed even if I have to leave you."

"Sally…" Rachel burst out crying. She was only 15 years old, and it was too much for her to bear. "You're not leaving me, Sally! She deserved it! She killed father and mother, and she hurt me!"

Hearing Rachel crying, Sally held her tighter. "Don't go back to the Dragon Island. Go anywhere else. The best gift you could give to me and our parents is you living your best life,"

Sally said seriously, like she was uttering her last words. Then she sat down quietly and waited for the police to arrive.

Sally opened her eyes—back to the present. She paid for the best lawyers to represent her in court and she did all she could so that her sentence would be reduced from ten years to seven years. Seven years had passed now.

Seven years… Seven was a painful number to her. Once, in a lovely evening, she had asked him what the number seven meant to him.

"Seven represents the seven years that I have been in love with you," he answered, and his smile was as bright as the sun.

Sally's heart twitched, and her fist clenched. After seven years, her once-enigmatic eyes just now seemed to be full of bitterness and exhaustion from life.


lked Henrik out of the cabin. "Yes, I'll be sure to send it tomorrow. Goodbye, Mr. Ji! Drive safely."

Henrik caught up with Addison so they could walk together to elevator that led to the underground parking lot. While they were in the elevator, Henrik leaned against the wall with his arms folded across his chest, and fixated his eyes on Addison. "You're so weird!" he said at last.

Addison didn't answer. Wyatt, who was standing in the corner, squinted at Henrik for a moment and then looked away.

When the elevator finally arrived at the parking lot, Addison stepped out first, hand in one pocket. Henrik followed him and asked, "Addison, are you going back to the villa or the hotel?"

"To the villa," Addison replied indifferently as he walked towards the splendid Maybach.

Henrik didn't follow Addison anymore and instead just watched him from behind. Just as Addison got this car, Henrik shouted, "I'm leaving for the Dragon Island in two days! Will you come to my grandfather's seventieth birthday party?"

"I'll be there!" Addison answered without turning back.

Henrik chuckled. When he saw that Addison had already gotten inside his car, he turned back and walked to his. At that moment, his phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone, looked at it, and then answered it. "What's wrong?"

"Young master, Lady Rachel won't eat," Chad said.

"Do I really have to teach you how to handle things like this?" Henrik got in his car, his face turning blue.

There was a moment of silence before Henrik heard Chad say, "Lady Rachel injured herself."

Henrik frowned at this. "Aren't you doing your job?" he roared. He threw the phone aside and started the car. The engine started and soon, it was speeding off. Over the phone, the slightest sigh could be heard from Chad.

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