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   Chapter 1397 Extra Story 152 Of Edgar Surprise!

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6592

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Surely it was impossible that it was a misunderstanding? The two of them were military officers of a high rank. Except for Edgar and a few others, the two of them outranked everyone here. Even though they didn't have their own secretaries, their food should still have been prepared with care. Mistakes like this shouldn't happen.

Sam looked around and he found Edgar had come in and disappeared again. He said in a low voice, "Captain Edgar didn't get the right food, either. Are they all kidding? Have they gone crazy?"

All the lights in the hall were suddenly turned off. Everyone looked at each other in confusion and didn't know how to react. There was a dim light shining from the kitchen. They all looked in that direction curiously.

A simple and honest cook was pushing a cart towards them. There was a birthday cake with twenty-six candles on it. Edgar walked beside him. He held a big porcelain bowl in his hands, and looked at Maggie with deep adoration.

Everyone was shocked and speechless as the cart moved to Maggie. Sam stood up and walked to the side where Daniel said to him, "Hey, Sam, good job."

"Of course," Sam answered with a grin.

Maggie stood up and looked uncertainly from the cake to Edgar and back. Her mind was completely blank.

"Happy Birthday!" Edgar said with a calm expression and set the bowl of noodles in front of Maggie. "I made it myself. This is the first birthday which I can actually spend with you. And though we're in a military camp, I still wanted to do this. I hope that your life won't be full of regrets because of me."

Maggie's eyes filled with tears. The gesture of Edward's love was overwhelming and hit her like a blow to the heart, leaving her trembling. Maggie had always known what life would be like if she married a special soldier who was also her leader. All women who got married to soldiers were brave. However, she wanted to contribute more to their dream, especially by staying close to him.

e me so much, do you? What will you do if I betray you?"

He didn't answer her question, but had instead made love to her with all of his urgency and need.

A few days later, some lustful pictures of her with another man spread all over the city. Addison was a member of the Long Family, and rumors about his fiancee spread like wild fire. However, he didn't come to question her.

"Don't you even want to know the reason why?" she asked him, ignoring the angry and regretful looks of their families.

He just smiled and kissed her tenderly in front of everyone present. He told her with that simple action that whatever she had done, she belonged to him only, and nobody could change that.

She asked him then what would happen if she betrayed him again, but what he didn't tell her was that if she wanted to affirm his love, she would know the consequences after betraying him.

Everyone thought that Addison was crazy. How could the Long Family ever accept such a daughter-in-law, considering its status on the Dragon Island? However, one month later, their magnificent wedding was held on the Dragon Island and all the rumors stopped.

Until that moment, Sally understood that Addison's love for her was so deep that it had become a dictator. Nobody and nothing could despise it, including Sally.

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