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   Chapter 1396 Extra Story 151 Of Edgar Surprise!

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After three hours, they finally arrived at the new Tiger Shark Brigade of S Army. They all stepped off the trucks, with curious expressions. Maggie had previously been to such legendary places as the Eagle, so she was less overwhelmed than before. She found that the structure was almost identical to the Eagle's, but the buildings and the battle playground were new.

"All, fall in!" Sam's loud and powerful voice sounded. All the soldiers stood in files.

Maggie stood next to Sam. From the corner of her eye, she saw that five people were approaching them. Her expression became serious and she looked at the other student soldiers as they waited for the newcomers to arrive.

After the officers arrived, Sam turned back and quickly ran toward the senior military officer. He saluted them and reported, "Sir! Forty-seven should be here and there are forty-seven now. Over!"

"At ease!"

"Yes, sir!" Sam answered and ran back. "At ease!"

Maggie thought that everything would be different now that she had been assigned to a different unit than the Eagle. She thought that she would not see Edgar. But to her surprise, Edgar appeared in front of her all of a sudden!

Edgar turned to Daniel and said simply, "After assigning them, you should make plans for the enrolment of new soldiers next month."

"Yes, sir!" Daniel answered and saluted. When Edgar had walked away, Daniel began to allocate everyone and told them what they should pay attention to and their individual tasks.

Maggie was still thinking of Edgar, so she couldn't help but smile secretly. It seemed then that Edgar had been transferred from the Eagle to the Tiger Shark. He had become the senior military officer of the Tiger Shark! He had been promoted by two grades and they could be together, too. Maggie could not believe her happy fortunes to get exactly what she had wanted.

The Tiger Shark was a newly established brigade, so everything had to start from scratch. Moreover, in line with the latest concepts, both officers and soldiers in this brigade were new, except for Edgar and some members from the Falcon Commando.

Sam and Maggie were assigned roles as the commander and the instructor, respectively, because their scores were the highest two. They not only participated in the routine training like the others, but also trained the new recruits while making plans for the newly enrolled soldiers.

The trivial things didn't matter much or cost them time. The intensive training, both day and night, was the only matter they had to deal with. They received instru

aggie and Edgar.

Maggie's face turned bright red. Then she sneered at Daniel and raised her eyebrow, saying, "I won't do what you always do to Cathy."

Edgar smiled and looked at Daniel, as if he was saying that no one could make fun of Maggie.

Daniel muttered, "I am keen. Okay, fine. You keep time." Then, he began to smile, too and added, "Besides, I don't want Captain Edgar to train me alone."

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" There came more laughter, hooting and jeers, as they had never been able to relax like this during the one-month training.

Maggie stopped bantering with Daniel. Daniel was her leader, so he wouldn't be hard to her.

The competition between Edgar and Daniel was over swiftly. There was never any real doubt that Edgar would win it. Afterwards Daniel and the rest all went to the dining hall to have dinner.

It was the last day of their training. Tomorrow would be devoted exclusively to the enrollment of new soldiers for the Tiger Shark brigade. Many different groups had sent their elite soldiers here and there was an arduous screening process ahead.

When they reached the dining room, they noticed something was strange, though they couldn't immediately tell what was off.

Everyone was seated, but found that their meals consisted of noodles, little steamed buns and other side dishes. It was said that the food was the same as that of their military dogs, which was a joke, but it was also a fact. The standard of their food was high because they consumed so much energy every day during training.

As Maggie and Sam sat down, they found that they were served only some of the dishes, without any noodles. They looked at each other, and didn't know what had happened.

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