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   Chapter 1395 Extra Story 150 Of Edgar Surprise!

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7900

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If men suffered the urgency of their lust, they would sometimes forget about their duty to consider their women's mood, and then they would act without thinking. Their women might be tired or not willing to submit to their wishes, but with a little finesse, men could activate their women's passions and soon their women would be lost in their love.

Maggie was lost in her wistful thoughts, and she considered that the biggest mistake which she had made in her life was to have loved Edgar from afar for so many years. After getting married, they had spent so little time together due to the troubles which plagued their professional lives. So she perished every second when she could stay with Edgar. Since becoming Edgar's lover, she had discovered that she enjoyed having sex!

"Alas!" Maggie let out a heavy sigh and stopped packing.

"Why did you sigh?" Monica turned to look at Maggie in concern. "Don't worry. Even after we have graduated, we're still likely to be together."

Maggie couldn't tell Monica that she was actually thinking of Edgar, and not of her friends, Monica and Benjamin. If she told Monica the truth, she would be scolded for choosing a lover over her friends. "It'll take some luck for us to be together," Monica said, feeling worried. However, if they had to be separated, Maggie hoped that Benjamin and Monica would still be in the same group. Of course, she wanted above all else to enter the Eagle, because people always thought of themselves. "Ah! Ah!"

Maggie's face lit up with mischief at the thought. Monica was thinking about their arrangements, so she didn't notice Maggie's absentmindedness.

Suddenly, the bell sounded. Maggie and Monica froze for a moment, then stopped everything they were doing, took their caps and rushed downstairs.

The instructor glanced around and said coldly, "Gather in the large classroom in half an hour."

"Yes, sir." The loud chorus of student voices was filled with excitement. It was as if they never anticipated soon parting for a long time.

It had been three months since the battle simulations against the Dragon Island. It was still not hot in S City, because the summer was just approaching. The cool breezes still blew, which gave everyone a sense of relief.

Maggie and the other students walked toward the classroom in rows. Then they sat in neat rows on the chairs,

ly. "I thought that the Tiger Shark was already established before this past month's special training. At that time, I still doubted whether we even needed training of such intensity, only to work in the rural areas. However, we were given the chance to take part in the battle simulations against the Dragon Island. Now, I understand the reason."

Maggie nodded, "I agree. It must have been planned a long time in advance. And it would have been an embarrassment if we proved inferior to a normal soldier in all respects." Then she turned to look at everyone laughing and chatting. Some of them had previously gained their military ranks, while others had only done so this time.

The lowest rank was Lieutenant while the highest was Major. These higher ranks were only held by Maggie and Sam. They would train new soldiers. If their military ability was not outstanding, it would be hard to convince others.

"But it's still lucky that you are all assigned to S Army. There'll be a number of opportunities to meet again in the future," Benjamin said to comfort her.

Maggie nodded, "I know that. It's okay. I'm just a little sad. You know, I just feel sad for a little while."

Benjamin smiled, "Right. The moment you felt most sad was when you aren't with Captain Edgar."

Maggie froze instantly, and then she said, with her lips trembling, "Can we be good friends now? Please, be nice to me!"

Benjamin's smile grew bigger while Amy, who had been eavesdropping, burst into laughter. Everyone in the truck heard her laughter and looked at each other confused.

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