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   Chapter 1394 Extra Story 149 Of Edgar The Definition Of Happiness

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"I'm starting to think that perhaps it was a waste of talent that they didn't assign little Molly the rank of foreign minister," Eric said with a faint smile.

Brian gave him a sideways glance but said nothing.

Addison fixed his eyes on Molly and said to Eric, "I have a feeling that your mom is doing this to return a favor to you. She knows what you have done for her and Papa Brian. She has always wanted to do something in return for you. Now, it seems this is a good chance."

Eric's face darkened visibly. "Addison, you should realize, silence is golden."

Addison chuckled, revealing his adorable dimpled cheeks. "I'm just telling the truth. Right, Aunt?"

Wing nodded, and smiled as she winked. Her shining eyes wickedly swept over Eric, and Eric's expression became disdainful. Everyone at the table burst out into laughing.

"I heard that you would personally oversee the ceremony," Brian asked, turning to Eric with a curious look.

"Yes," Eric replied. "Yates has been too busy of late. The city is really afire with news of Yates and that woman. Besides, I happened to be available. So I have decided to take it out of his hands. It's a good chance to find out what those people are up to."

Brian nodded. "It works in your favor to have both Y Country and Z Country on your side. If the Island's economic growth and export trade cannot reach a new high, the population are all bound to come after you over this."

Eric's eyes darkened, though his face remained indifferent. "I will be gone for a while. It will fall to Addison to handle the situation. Show them what you are capable of, Addison."

Addison grimaced slightly. "I won't play the fool for you. This is your business. And I don't want to have anything to do with it. I am still a child. And a child shouldn't grow up in a dark and cruel world like yours." To emphasis his point, Addison walked away determinedly once he had spoken. Addison sat down beside Evelyn and began to play with and tease Evelyn and Katie.

"Your son is getting more and more defiant recently," Eric said with a disgruntled look and slightly shook his head in disapproval.

Brian laughed. "That's a good thing. I thought that you had said that you were worried he was too tractable, and that people would take advantage of him."

Eric felt as if he had now tasted his own medicine and it was bitter. The thing with Little Molly and his old brother had been the first dose, while this thing about Addison was the second.

Since Edgar, the life-long bachelor, was finally going to get married, and the case involving Cain had ended perfectly, the leaders had rewarded them with an invaluable two-day holiday. Sadly, it passed very quickly. After the wedding, Edgar and the others immediately buried themselves in meetings. They were making a series of rules and battle plans for the coming maneuver between S Army and the Dragon Island Army. Days of endless meetings exhausted them. When they returned to the hotel room from the conference room, all they wanted was a good night's sleep.

According to the decision reached at the meeting, the mock battle would take

ved ones.

Edgar couldn't help smiling when he saw a downhearted Maggie sitting in the prison camp. "Well done, though you didn't make it to the end. Maggie, I am still proud of you." Then, uncaring of the watchful eyes of the whole army, he took Maggie in his arms.

Excited exclamations erupted around them and banished the gloomy aura of the prison camp. They could hardly suppress their laughter and merrily chanted, "Kiss! Kiss!"

Quite abashed, Maggie pulled away from Edgar. With her cheeks flaming, she stamped her foot, and said meaningfully, "I need to take a shower." She glared at Edgar, turned on her heel and stalked off.

When it came to sheer cheekiness, a woman didn't hold a candle to a man. Maggie had once considered that she would be happy when their relationship finally came to light. It was much better in her imagination. But the reality was completely different. Edgar was happy, but she was teased all day, and made fun of. It was a bad deal for her.

For a whole month during the maneuver, nobody had taken a proper shower. But thanks be to God, it was early spring rather than summer. Otherwise everyone would have been as stinky as a skunk by now.

After the maneuver was concluded, the soldiers all took a comfortable shower, sought out their beds and fell into an exhausted slumber. But someone didn't seem tired at all and still wanted to do a little more exercise before going to sleep.

"Let me get some sleep..." Maggie was bone tired. She hadn't managed to get much rest during the confrontation, or in the prison camp. She'd kill for some sleep now.

"You can sleep. I will take care of the rest," Edgar said cheekily and held her close.

Maggie swore at him in exhausted rage.

Edgar stiffened and then answered quickly, "If you are in a war, you should be able to sleep under any conditions."

"It's different," Maggie snarled. "The brain cannot go to sleep alone while the body is still awake."

Her words made Edgar laugh out loud. He whispered in her ear, "You are right! How about we go to sleep together after the exercise?"

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