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   Chapter 1393 Extra Story 148 Of Edgar The Definition Of Happiness

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All of a sudden, Maggie and Edgar's relationship had reached a new dimension. They finally registered and collected their marriage license. Edgar surprised Maggie with a heartfelt proposal which had her in tears. Maggie was stunned when she saw him go down on one knee to propose. For a long second, she couldn't even think straight. Her heart was thumping frantically and her mind had gone complete blank. She stared at him, transfixed, as this endearing moment that she had longed for so long finally happened. Maybe it was as Edgar had said that this was how a woman reacted when facing a man whom she truly loved and desired.

Monica and Benjamin had known all along that they had registered their marriage and the surprise was less stunning to them. After their initial cheering, they soon calmed down. But Sam and Lorraine were so shocked by Edgar's public proposal that their brains seemed to have stopped working. They gaped slack jawed at the scene, completely overwhelmed.

"Can someone please tell me what is happening here?" Lorraine muttered in a daze. "When did Edgar start dating Maggie?"

Benjamin gave her a sideways glance. "Edgar and Maggie had their marriage registered even before the training started. They kept it a secret."

Lorraine twitched her lips in disbelief. "Wow! Don't you think that Edgar was being a little too hard on Maggie in their daily life? The standards which he had set for Maggie were so high that you might have thought that they had some old feud going on."

Sam heard their comments and turned to look again at the happy couple who were wrapped in a golden halo of light. "Honestly, if he didn't do that from the start, then I'd now be thinking that he had turned a blind eye to Maggie's slackness during the training," he said.

Lorraine agreed. They had all been selected to attend the meeting because of their high marks and excellent performance. And Maggie was the highest performer among them and her marks far topped all of theirs. If Edgar had treated them all equally, there would have been whispers now that his relationship with Maggie had become known. It therefore seemed that Edgar had really put a lot of thinking into it, being careful not to create the wrong impression.

"Alas..." Monica sighed. "I suddenly feel as though we are here simply because Edgar wants us here. He planned all of this. I know we have all obtained good marks and we are here for the meeting, but that is not the main purpose. We are here because we're Maggie's good friends and Edgar wants us to witness their marriage proposal."

Benjamin glanced at Monica and said nothing as Lorraine and Sam quickly nodded their agreement. As the old saying went, "B

ly thank you. This was the last thing which I couldn't let go of, and you've helped me move on unencumbered."

Maggie gave Molly a tight hug. "I'm really glad to know you. Just like Edgar once told me, it's such a blessing to have you as a part of his life. Molly, now I can also thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making me such a lucky woman."

"I feel the same way about you and Edgar. Your happiness is truly a blessing for me." Molly and Maggie embraced each other tightly. At that moment, they both understood that happiness was a simple joy which was easily grasped, once you looked at it from the right angle.

The more you wanted to hold it in your hands, and the more you wanted to own happiness, the more insignificant you became in the great game of love. Expecting less, and desiring less always led to more happiness. Those without ambitions, were easily content with what they had. It seemed then that with a humble life outlook, you would always get more than you bargained on. This was because they had discovered the true meaning of happiness.

The following day dawned as sunny as ever. The balmy weather of the Dragon Island always made non-natives green with envy. Everything here was so clean and pure, as if it had been washed with water, as if it were the last place in the world which was free from pollution. It was paradise!

It was a small wedding ceremony. The invited guests were the same as those who had witnessed the proposal last night. Maggie and Edgar had opted for a sit-down meal with the guests seated around six tables. Throughout the day, the wedding festivities were loud and cheerful. Molly offered to represent Edgar's family during the ceremony, since he had no remaining living family. Everything was perfect, comfortable, and cozy.

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