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   Chapter 1392 Extra Story 147 Of Edgar Unexpected Proposal

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"They're here!" Molly was wearing a pink and white halter gown while her hair was pulled up with silver diamonds—it was simple but elegant.

Shirley looked graceful in her dark red gown and only the lightest hint of make-up. She asked, "Where's Edgar?"

Molly giggled. "I think he's the last to arrive."

"Nothing's really changed. It still drives the women crazy though." Brian looked handsome in his black and white suit matched with a red tie. He seemed to be teasing Molly but they nonetheless looked very happy together.

Molly glared at him as if asking him to stop. She then grabbed Shirley's arm and said, "Come on, Mom, let's go."

Brian was now alone since they'd left. He ended up being accompanied by Spark, his ex-rival. He couldn't help but feel uncomfortable that he just wanted to get out of there.

Beautiful in her white knee-length dress and tube top combo, Maggie wore her hair loose tucked only by the most beautiful crystal blue hairpin at the sides. She wore a matching necklace and white lace floral bracelet around her wrist. The lights hit the crystal blue hairpin so beautifully that it looked like diamonds. On her feet were two-inch heels that were adorned by the same white lace that she wore around her wrists. Maggie looked like Cinderella that night like she was waiting for her Prince Charming to come before the clock struck midnight.

Benjamin looked particularly handsome too. He made sure that he dressed nicely because he saw how good the others looked. Specifically, he thought Maggie looked amazing that night.

He had a feeling that Maggie was going to be the star tonight. The other four were only there to emphasize further how beautiful Maggie looked that night. But that was just his opinion.

That night, there were also a group of fairly well-known people, and even some TV news personalities at Garden In The Air. Some of the leaders of the S Army were also there like William. It wasn't a surprise that he was there since a third match between the S Army and Dragon Island was coming. There were also a lot of members from the Long Family and members of the Dragon Island Congress. However, Benjamin couldn't seem to find Edgar.

Even Cain and Claire were here already, but Edgar still wasn't.

Maggie had already been informed before that they shouldn't salute the senior military officers and that they could relax for the rest of the party that night. Maggie excitedly approached William. This time, she didn't act like a spoiled child instead she let her silence speak for her.

"Aha..." William smiled, proud to introd

ch better without his military uniform on. In fact, he looked like a god where he was standing like he was emanating charisma and he could attract anyone who stood near him.

The audience was murmuring, wondering what was happening. Benjamin was the first to notice, out of the four. No one expected it to be such a sensation.

The spotlight followed Edgar as he made his way to Maggie. It was as if they were the only two people in the world.

Maggie was taken aback. She didn't know what to do. She never expected this to happen to her. It all seemed too good to be true, like it was all a dream. "Edgar, this is amazing. I feel like I'm in a dream and I don't ever want to wake up. What do I do?"

She seemed concerned which only moved Edgar. "My silly girl, this is real. This isn't a dream."

Soon, the music started to become softer and gentler in nature as if it was urging the audience to keep up with the mood.

Under the spotlight, Edgar got down on one knee, and held up the bouquet and the five-carat diamond ring. "Maggie, these orange calla lilies represent my endless love for you." The diamond ring glittered under the spotlight. He raised his head and continued, "As for the ring, they say that the size of the ring the man uses to propose symbolizes how much he loves the woman. Whether that's true or not, I still hope you know how much I love you."

Maggie shifted her glances among Edgar, the flowers, the ring, and then back at Edgar again.

"I admit, I rushed last time. I just didn't want you get taken away from me." Edgar's eyes were shining. "But this time, I believe the timing is right. I want you to be happy and I'll do everything to make sure of that. Maggie, will you marry me?"

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