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   Chapter 1391 Extra Story 146 Of Edgar Unexpected Proposal

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9689

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"I can't remember the last time we were this busy," Spark commented as he leaned against the fence. He was watching as Molly and Shirley handled the flowers, with a sly smile on his face.

Clad in a yellow knee-length floral dress with matching pearly white combat boots, Wing looked like the poster girl for spring. She was so charming with her sweet smile complemented with big and bright eyes clear as day as if she hadn't aged a day. Happiness gleamed from her eyes—maybe it was because of how much the Long Family protected her or how Weston took good care of her—and she seemed to be filled with so much love in her heart. Even though she wasn't sure of anything, she never let anyone or anything taint her smile.

"Shirley finally found a daughter-in-law who's willing to play with her." Wing chuckled. "When Molly called her, she returned to Dragon Island right away even if she left Richie all alone. Richie didn't have a choice but to come with her. He had to rearrange his schedule and everything."

Spark shrugged, uncertain what to say. He still wasn't that comfortable seeing Molly and Brian this happy in front of him. Nonetheless, that didn't mean that he wasn't happy for Molly.

"Does it still bother you?" Wing turned her head to look at Spark.

Spark widened his smile. "Some things are better left unsaid."

Wing heaved a small sigh and shifted her gaze back to Molly. Molly looked so happy. Brian stayed true to the Long Family's tradition of loving one's partner unconditionally. It couldn't be denied that for some couples their happiness was brought on by a group of people. While the couple would then be infinitely grateful to the people around them for that, this also meant that they would have to be eternally in debt to them too.

Just like Frank and Spark... Spark's musical style was exactly the same as it was before. When his hands had fully recovered, he went back to play music because he said he needed to integrate his soul to his violin once again. To everyone, his music sounded the same, but to those who really knew him, they could tell that something was different. If you listened really closely, you could tell that he was in sorrow like with every note that he played, he was heaving a sigh.

"Wing," Shirley exclaimed when she finished her flower arrangement. "It's almost time. Where's Weston?"

Wing smiled. "He has to pick up Katie before coming here. Katie's been sick for the past few days so she's been tagging along with him. He's all she needs."

"Who does Katie resemble the most?" Shirley pursed her lips. However, it wasn't because Katie was acting like a spoiled child by following him around and it was pretty obvious that she was just being jealous.

"I've never seen you depend on someone like that," Wing said as she pulled Shirley's arms. "You see, I'm sticking to you, too." Wing caressed Shirley's face as she spoke. "

"See you later." Maggie opened the door as she shook her body.

"Wait..." Monica suddenly frowned. "What's the dress code for the Garden In The Air?" Since their trip wasn't originally for leisure, none of them had brought any nice clothes or shoes with them. Their clothes didn't really go with the sophistication of the hotel. 'What if we do something stupid later?' While that would be perfectly fine, it would only cause a problem if they influenced how others saw their country in a negative way.

Maggie shrugged. "Let's shower first. We have enough time anyway. Maybe, we can look around and buy stuff if we need anything."

"But everything's so expensive here," one of the two boys murmured helplessly. He came from a middle-class family. He didn't really have any designer or branded things. He couldn't possibly afford the stuff that they sold here.

After a pause, Benjamin said gently, "Maggie, why don't you ask the instructor first?"

Maggie immediately knew what Benjamin meant. He was suggesting that she ask Edgar. She nodded to him and then headed towards the other room. What they didn't know was that there was a surprise waiting for them in the said room.

There were dresses, coats, ties, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, accessories, bags, and everything else you could think of. Some couldn't help but gush how distinguished the Empire Hotel's guests looked.

Soon, the anticipated night came.

Nights at Dragon Island came a little earlier than they did at S City. When the night came, the coastline buried the sun as the crescent moon rose on the opposite side. There were already a crowd of guests gathering in front of Garden In The Air in the Empire Hotel.

Most of which were wore extravagant clothing and were holding a goblet filled with champagne. It looked like an elite party for only the wealthy and powerful. Only laughter and chitchat filled the air—no gossiping, no power struggle.

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