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   Chapter 1390 Extra Story 145 Of Edgar Intimate Lovers

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When Edgar was in front of his students, he was serious but gentle. But if he'd ever really had to fight with one of his students, he'd beat them to death. So even if Claire wasn't their best option, they made do with her because they didn't want Edgar to be the one training them. Of course, neither did Cain.

Cain was handsome and therefore very attractive. He needed to be in display, not in training.

"When are you sending it away?" Edgar asked as he walked towards Cain.

Cain's gaze always followed Maggie. He didn't answer his question but instead asked, "Maggie's still so young. You should control yourself. Weren't you worried about her training today?"

Edgar frowned and remained silent. He glanced at Maggie before saying, "Even though I gave you that thing, I hope that..."

"Don't worry. My mouth is shut." Cain also looked at Edgar. "They're getting the punishment they deserve. It doesn't matter what it is. What's important is that it's out of sight."

Edgar shifted his gaze, agreeing with Cain. A man who was logic even in the face of extreme hatred was the worst kind of enemy you could have.

"They said you would stay here?" Edgar asked.

"Maybe..." Cain's voice was calm. "Who knows what's going to happen?" He smiled slightly and walked toward the students who had just finished the first part of their training.

Edgar smiled as he walked away. Maybe, it wasn't his choice to stay here. Maybe, he was just fulfilling a dead father's wish. Oftentimes, the people who got left behind by loved ones tended to do things that they wouldn't do for anyone else except for their departed loved ones.

Time passed by very quickly. This special training lasted two months. Countless soldiers participated in training, but only less than fifty made it to the end. These people would then be assigned in different battle simulations based on their abilities.

It was a surprise that their battle simulations were against the Dragon Island and Maggie was undoubtedly the luckiest one. She could now stay with Edgar in the same place and see him occasionally. That made her very happy even if they couldn't be intimate.

It was only then that she understo

ctors. "Hey, is this some special training?"

"If you want it to be," Cain said. "I'd be fine turning it into a special training."

"No, no, no," Monica said urgently as the four started to shake their heads violently in unison.

Edgar wore a faint smile and turned his head slightly. "It's fine. You can relax and rest, because you won't be able to do that starting the day after tomorrow."

Soon, all five were hyped up, excitement buzzing in the bus.

Edgar widened his grin as he looked at Maggie meaningfully. When he saw that Maggie didn't seem to get him, he shifted his gaze. This didn't slip by Cain as he said, "Naive!"

Edgar froze for a while before responding, "Well, that's romantic."

Claire glared at Edgar before turning to look out the window. Her eyes were gleaming.

Soon, the bus reached the Empire Hotel. The waitress gave everyone their room card and said, "If you have any questions or need any help, you can talk to me or the manager. I'll be responsible for your schedule here on the Dragon Island." She paused and then said with a smile, "There's a dinner tonight at the Garden In The Air. Kindly attend it."

Edgar and the other two instructors nodded calmly. Meanwhile, Maggie and the rest were doing everything they could to not jump out of excitement.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be going." The waitress bowed slightly and left with a smile. But just before she left, she meaningfully glanced at Maggie.

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