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   Chapter 1389 Extra Story 144 Of Edgar Intimate Lovers

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Edgar saw the look on Maggie's face as soon as he entered the room. He felt his heart melting as he strode towards her. He handed her phone over to her and put his arms around her. Then he asked, "Do you want to have dinner here at home or outside?"

"Can you cook for me?" Maggie said, sulking as she looked at Edgar lovingly.

Edgar sighed to himself. He never really could resist Maggie. He kissed Maggie on her forehead as he prepared to stand up.

However, Maggie pulled him back before he could stand on his feet.

"What's up?" Edgar's voice was low and gentle.

Maggie leaned against Edgar's legs. Her gaze locked with Edgar's. She looked into his eyes before asking, "I didn't want to ask you this, but is our ten-day holiday going to be over because we go back to school tomorrow?" She pouted, "I think Dad should give us more holidays."

Looking at Maggie's expression, Edgar couldn't help but smile. "But then we shouldn't want Dad to be playing favorites."

Maggie curled her lips. "That's okay. Dad really does have his favorites. Hmm, I know more than what you think."

Edgar burst into laughter and pulled Maggie on his legs. With his arms around her tightly and his chin against her cheek, Edgar said, " When you decided to marry me, you knew this would happen. We're going to be apart a lot."

Maggie put her arms around Edgar's wrist and muttered, "I thought I wouldn't mind, but I did." She spent every second worrying about him and missing him at the same time.

"But I know you'll work hard." Edgar's eyes dimmed. "I didn't want you to do that. However, if we want to spend more time together, maybe you should work harder so you can keep up with me or so you can relate to me more."

"Why can't it be the other way around?" Maggie suddenly straightened up, turned, and looked at Edgar, waiting for his answer.

But something arose in Edgar's heart. Edgar felt a warm current rush through his body when he saw the look on Maggie's face.

Maggie felt something hard against her. She frowned and then realized what it was. Her face flushed as soon as the realization fell on her. Her initial response was to get away from him, but this only aroused him more.

Edgar gasped because he thought Maggie was just playing wit

ie frowned upon hearing this. After everything that had happened in the past, she was still hesitant about Cain. She didn't know what Edgar did to Cain yesterday, but whatever it was, she had a strange feeling about it.

'Am I starting to become too sensitive because of everything that happened?' Maggie thought to herself.

Maggie was hearing them gossiping about Edgar when a whistle suddenly blew out of nowhere. Everyone stood up immediately.

"Clean yourselves up. Let's meet at the playground in ten minutes." Claire's sharp voice came. She was looking at Maggie menacingly before she turned to leave.

Maggie snorted to herself. She then followed the others as they all cleaned up and then they gathered to meet at the playground.

After the holidays, the first thing that they did was to get them to adapt to the military environment. However, for some reason, the training was seemingly more difficult than it used to be. Maggie didn't know if Claire had something to do with this or not. Normally, Maggie wouldn't have a problem with this, but she hadn't been getting sleep these past few days and with Edgar keeping her up last night, she was finding it hard to keep up.

Cain was calmly leaning against a tree as if nothing had happened. His handsome face was perfectly sculpted emphasizing the indifference that was pasted on it. He looked at Maggie as if he could see right through her. A small smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth. That smile on his face annoyed Maggie.

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