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   Chapter 1388 Extra Story 143 Of Edgar Fatal Temptation

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Maggie slowly stood up. No matter how strong a woman was, she would become all mushy and sensitive in front of the man that she loved. At that moment, she felt her eyes burn red hot, and her throat seemed to tighten as she immediately became emotional. Sniffing, she looked at Edgar, but could not see him clearly through the tears in her eyes.

Edgar walked towards Maggie, ignoring Cain who had also stood up. When he reached her, his eyes glued to her sad but excited face. Then he gently wiped the tears from her cheeks and sighed before saying, "My dear, don't cry."

It seemed that when a lover said, "Don't cry," it always meant that he wanted to let her know that he was there for her, and that she could then cry as much as she wanted!

Suddenly Maggie burst out into a bout of sobbing, while her arms clung to Edgar. Edgar said nothing but held her in his arms, letting her cry out her fear and pain.

Cain had sat down again, and now glanced at Maggie from where he sat so calmly and composedly. Slowly he said, "The Eagle really is worthy of its reputation!" He smiled coldly, then added, "I didn't expected that you could get here so soon."

"I was just thinking like my enemy," Edgar replied calmly. "You should have known about the relationship between me and Mr. Brian Long, as well as Vincent. It would have been better for you, if you had never cooperated with XK Intelligence Agency before. Unfortunately, there are only so many coincidences in the world,"

Cain replied with nothing but a light smile.

Edgar continued, "In fact, I hadn't noticed it at the beginning. But when I noticed that the route was so weird, I realized that I wouldn't be so careless if I were you."

"So, you got out of the car, and asked Tompson to keep following my decoy," Cain surmised.

Edgar smiled at his reply. Then he dabbed at Maggie's face with a tissue, and planted a kiss on her brow before saying something to console her. Taking her hands he prepared to leave.

"Do you expect to just leave like this?" Cain asked coldly. Suddenly, the other customers in the restaurant, who had been watching Cain and Maggie earlier, all got to their feet and formed a ring around Maggie and Edgar.

Maggie was about to say something in warning, but she felt Edgar's hand tighten its grip on hers. She held her tongue then, and looked at Edgar with pursed lips, waiting for his lead.

Edgar turned back to look at Cain and said, "The new school term will begin the day after tomorrow. Let's solve our problems tomorrow. At the old place." He didn't say any more but took Maggie's hand and left the restaurant.

Seeing Cain did nothing, the people working for him were all confused, but they didn't oppose Edgar's and Maggie's leaving at all. The whole thing had become a farce to them.

Afterwards, Maggie asked Edgar about the result of the battle between Cain and him several times, but she n

a ploy, which he didn't expect would come true. Finally, Cain went for Richard and convinced him that they had finished up the task in a tidy way. Even Cain himself also believed that it was his man who had killed Henry.

As a matter of fact, it was all merely a strategy to force Richard to hand over the black box. Although it was burned to a crisp, leaving very little evidence, it was still strong enough proof to make Richard fall from power and secretly execute the people behind him.

After hearing the whole thing, Maggie felt quite depressed, saying, "Dad, did Edgar's father really..." She couldn't continue. Regardless of what had happened, he was still her father-in-law and he had passed away already. As his daughter-in-law, it was not proper for her to speak ill of him.

"Hmm," William responded with a sinking heart. "Maggie, no one can promise that they would never make any mistakes in their whole life. But once they do, it is always best if they could set them right. Anyway, Edgar's father had left the evidence."

"Hmm, I see," Maggie replied distantly.

"Well, don't think too much," William suddenly said in a cheerful way. "Come home for dinner tonight, okay?"

"No," Maggie answered squarely. "Well, I know everything now. So, bye, Dad." Then she hung up before William could reply. It was clear that she was still a little angry.

Maggie sulkily returned to their cozy apartment. Inattentively, she began to eat the food which Edgar had prepared for her. Her mind was still running through the recent events, while her heart was confused. Finishing her meal, she nestled down on the couch to watch TV while waiting for Edgar to return.

The clock slowly ticked along. By five o'clock it was nearly dark, and Edgar still hadn't returned home.

Maggie was so bored that she skipped TV channels frequently and sighed woefully at her solitude.

Just before dark, she finally heard the door open.

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