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   Chapter 1387 Extra Story 142 Of Edgar Fatal Temptation

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Hearing this, Cain didn't seem to feel lost at all, and instead flashed a slight smile. "It would definitely not be my style if I couldn't benefit from the game I play with Edgar." Cain glanced down at Edgar dangling on the rope below them, and then he turned and walked to the side door of the rooftop, adding, "Tell him: if he wants Maggie back, he needs to exchange her for the thing that I want."

Tompson gazed after Cain, and feeling mystified, he frowned. "Hey! I think you are a little too addicted to playing this game of cat-and-mouse. Do you really think that you are the cat?"

Cain paused, turned back slightly, and then asked, "How do you know that I'm not?" Then he turned around with a meaningful smile, his eyes darkening in anticipation. Finally, he left.

Tompson was too shocked by his chilling words to move, and froze to the spot, as if he had heard the most terrifying news ever. He couldn't shake off the feeling of ill boding, and stood numbly until he saw Edgar climb up the rope. As Edgar heaved himself over the edge of the building, he asked, "Couldn't you find her?"

"I didn't try to find her at all," replied Edgar, looking at the still rattling door leading down from the rooftop access.

Tompson frowned at once, and then asked, "What do you mean?"

"It's impossible for Cain to let me find Maggie so easily," Edgar said slowly. "He is just trying to play for time."

Tompson thought it quite normal for him to know so little about Cain, since he hadn't spent much time with him. After all, it was purely by accident that he had become a part of this mission. But Edgar was different. He had met a lot of people since he joined the Eagle. Now he suddenly discovered that Edgar knew nothing about Cain.

Edgar looked at Tompson, then checked the time and said, "Let's go. I'll explain along the way." Then he led the way downstairs.

After getting in the car, Edgar took out his phone, and activated the GPS. Finally, he found there was a red dot moving on the screen. Allowing himself a slight smile, he mounted the phone on the dashboard holder in front of him. Then he started the car and began to drive, following the red dot to a new location.

"Are you tracki

based on her observation of the people whom Cain had spoken with, she could figure out what was going on at the moment, so she persevered. She also sensed that there was yet more intrigue on the horizon. But what confused her was that Cain still did not plan on releasing her, despite his task having been finished.

"He is capable of more than mere practicalities!" Maggie said through clenched teeth. "He was just distracted because of his worry for me, which is why he succumbed to your tricks. 'Concerns lead to the disruption of great plans'. Haven't you ever heard of that?"

Cain nodded and said with a smile, "Anyway, no matter if he realizes it in the end, I'm afraid that it will be impossible for him to find you."

Maggie bit her lip and understood then that if she was taken abroad by Cain, it would be difficult for Edgar to find her. What was more, as a soldier, Edgar was not permitted to leave his country as freely as he wanted.

"Not exactly," a deep voice suddenly said.

Maggie was utterly stunned by this voice and then her face lit up with a bright smile. Meanwhile, Cain's face froze momentarily and then crinkled up into a tight frown. They both turned to look at the door of the restaurant at the same time.

Edgar was standing quite leisurely at the door, with his hands in his pockets as he gazed at Maggie with his dark eyes. It seemed like he hadn't seen Maggie for years, and he wanted to melt her with the heat in his dusky eyes.

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