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"Hah...hah… Let's go get a present for the boy." Richard chortled. "Or he is going to throw a tantrum."

"Yes, sir." The secretary answered with a smile. He swerved the car around and headed for the nearest mall.

He pulled up in the underground parking lot and then respectfully followed Richard into the mall. Richard bought some expensive toys and requested that the sales assistant deliver them by courier.

It was not until they were back in the parking lot that Richard discovered that he had left his phone in the store. He frowned. "I forgot my phone in the store."

"Don't worry. I will go get it, sir. You can wait in the car," the secretary said quickly.

Richard nodded and accepted his considerate advice.

After Richard got into the car, the secretary left to retrieve the phone. Richard set up another video chat on his iPad with his grandson. He talked and joked with the boy to kill time, letting him guess what presents he would be getting.

Just as Richard was laughing aloud in the car, a dark figure emerged from behind a pillar in the parking lot. He moved very slowly. The man was dressed in a black suit, a black coat and black shoes, with a black hat shadowing his face.

He lifted his head slightly. Under the brim his thin, sexual lips came into light, and the day-old stubble on his face created an air of indifferent isolation about him. As he narrowed his eyes a feeling of callousness shrouded him. He stared straight at the car window and at Richard, his eyes icy cold with a thirst for blood.

A chilly smile played about his lips. Slowly he pulled his hand out of his pocket. Something silver flashed in his fingers. Then a gun with a silencer appeared and aimed at Richard.

His smile deepened. For a long while he just enjoyed the pleasure of aiming at Richard but didn't pull the trigger. Then he lowered his arm fractionally. The gun was now pointing at a bomb which had been secretly planted in the side panel of the car. No one but the mysterious man knew how and when the bomb had been planted there. With a slight quiver of his finger, the trigger could be pulled. The bullet would hit the bomb. The car and Richard would blow up into pieces.

His pulse quickened as he visualized this scenario with great enjoyment. Excitement seized him as he fractionally increased the weight on his finger. The trigger slowly moved under the pressure.

He found that the parking lot was so quiet that he could almost hear the scrape of the firing pin and springs moving. With only a little more pressure, the bullet would split the air and... His flinty eyes darkened with relish at the thought. Just as he was about to press it harder, something cold touched his temple.

He froze. His eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

"Put the gun down!" the new gunman said.

The dark garbed man sneered. "We can have a try to see if you're quicker than me." His eyes darkened. "I've risked my life to be here. I don't intend to leave here with him still alive. It will be nice to have Richard joining me in hell."

"Then try it!"

The man frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"Just try it. Pull the trigger." The voice behind the dark garbe

ope to a pipe on the hotel roof. He looked down from the roof and prepared to repel down. Which room had Cain locked Maggie in? He didn't know. The hotel walls were made of glass! If he went down too quickly he'd missed some floors; too slowly and he might crack the glass. It demanded a perfect control of his strength. But, if he couldn't find Maggie in time, Cain might move her again.

"Are you sure that you can do this, Edgar?" Tompson casually leaned against the rail, smiling at Edgar with a can of cola in his hand.

Edgar gave him a sideways glance and sneered, "I will deal with you later." With that, he jumped with rope in his hand. For a moment he seemed almost to float in mid-air, and then he plummeted at a thrilling speed while the rope screamed through the safety hooks. He didn't go slowly at the start. Besides, she wouldn't be in the top five floors, considering Cain's mind-set and Maggie's capability.

Tompson looked down at Edgar searching for Maggie. He was pretty impressed by Edgar's neat and efficient movement. His muttered with a wider smile, "Definitely the soul of the Eagle. As nimble and quick as any of the best soldiers in his prime. I'm surprised your body isn't blunted by the lack of practice."

"It's a pity..." a sudden voice said, behind him. "No matter how talented they are, all men have the same problem."

Without turning back, Tompson finished the unvoiced sentence with sadness in his eyes. "Every hero becomes a prisoner of love." After that he turned his head around. Tompson's self-deprecating manner vanished as he saw Cain. He donned his playful smile. "Where did you hide Maggie?"

Cain came forward and glanced down at Edgar over the rail. Then he raised his arm to check the time on his wrist watch. "Can he find Maggie in three minutes? What do you think?"

"He can." Tompson saw suspicion in Cain's eyes and he continued, stalling for time, "I know Maggie, so I can be sure. You shouldn't tell her Edgar is trying to find her. It's sad to fall behind at the starting line, Cain. But it's simply pathetic to fall behind at the turning point."


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