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   Chapter 1385 Extra Story 140 Of Edgar Another Trick

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Maggie glanced around the barren room. It had only a bed and a small en suite bathroom. It gave her a feeling that she might be in a cheap hotel or somewhere similar. But the style of its appointments was quite distinct from those of a hotel.

She walked to the window, opened it and looked out. After a while she had a better idea of the situation. She was in the middle part of the building, and several floors up. It was impossible for her to find a way out from here. She wouldn't be able to find any reliable footholds during the climb, if she tried to escape from the window. Clearly, the location wasn't selected at random. Cain had done a lot of thinking, and locking her up here was all part of his elaborate plan.

Maggie turned her head. She instantly noticed the men standing at the foot of the building. It looked like they were talking to each other, but Maggie knew she was being closely monitored by them.

Just then, the door was opened from the outside. Maggie turned around and saw Cain walking into the room with one hand in his pocket. In his another hand was a box of take-away food. He approached with easy and unhurried strides.

"Eat," Cain said flatly. Maggie didn't reply. Cain smiled, quite cynically. "What? Are you trying to take it out on your own body?" He gave a little chuckle. "I never knew you could sink to this level."

Cain's insensitive words exhausted what little remained of Maggie's patience and earned him an exasperated look from her. Without a word, she moved forward to open the food container. She looked down at the food. What she saw made her lips curve slightly in the barest hint of a smile. Cain had brought her noodles and soup.

They had eaten meals together before, but all in very formal places. If the truth be told, she had no penchant for fancy restaurants and gourmet cuisine. Compared to that, she preferred street food and comfort food. She was not a fancy kind of girl. So she just couldn't say no to noodles. The smell of it made her mouth water every time. It had never yet failed to entice her hunger.

But now these noodles were from Cain. It was a very small thing, but it made her understand that he knew her better than she would have believed possib

recovery of all the data. We've done everything we could and only retrieved some fragments of information." A doctor wearing very thick glasses handed Edgar a flash drive. "We hope this will help you."

"Thank you for your hard work." Edgar nodded and accepted the device. Whatever little information they had found on that damaged black box, he couldn't afford to waste more time in dealing with technical problems. Even though the senior military officer had done his best to delay, the deadline was the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.

"I'm not going with you." There was something sinister about Vincent's look. "I'll bring up the rear."

Edgar frowned but nodded. "Okay." Without another word, he left with the flash drive in his hand.

Excitement for the New Year began to taper off as the end of the holidays approached. Everyone's happy mood had visibly wilted by the fifth day of the New Year. Even the last sporadic firecrackers sounded listless and hollow.

Richard was sitting in the car, engaging in a video chat with his grandson via the iPad in his hand, a contented, blissful smile on his face. "Okay, okay. I will return to see you as soon as I can. You are the best. Give your grandpa a kiss. Mwah."

The secretary in the driver's seat quickly glanced in the rear view mirror. "Sir, where would you like to go? Return to the base or go buy a present for your grandson." An efficient secretary had to learn to notice the little things and act accordingly.

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