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   Chapter 1384 Extra Story 139 Of Edgar Three Days

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Maggie moved forward and studied the engravings on the tombstone. The picture on it had been worn down, and the image was hardly recognizable to the uninformed viewer. The only information which could be established was that there was a couple buried here. Their identities were lost to the ravages of time.

Maggie bowed to the tombstone with all of her respect. Without considering why they had died, she still showed reverence, for the deceased always deserved respect.

"So your parents were buried here." Maggie didn't have any idea of how to continue their conversation, so she helplessly stated the obvious. In addition, what confused her was that with Cain's present identity and status, it would be a simple matter to find a better place for his parents to rest forever.

"Hmm," Cain responded in a light voice. "I was not capable of doing anything about it previously, but luckily I met a nice guy who has helped me settle the problem. Otherwise, I couldn't ever imagine that I might need to scatter their bones and ashes to the hills." His tone was oddly disembodied and eerily calm, causing anyone who heard him to feel a sense of chill. "For so many years, I have never returned home in my own country, nor have I worshipped my parents. In terms of that, I am far from a filial son."

Hearing his confession, Maggie felt his immense grief. If what Tompson had said before was the truth, then Cain's parents had been wrongfully put to death. As a matter of fact, what Cain was doing was right, and in a certain sense, proper; however, Maggie couldn't condone his actions when it involved Edgar.

"May I ask what happened to them?" Maggie turned to Cain pushing for the truth.

Cain also turned to stare at Maggie with magnetic eyes which seemed to pierce through her. He remained silent and just kept looking at her until Maggie couldn't bear it anymore. His eyes seemed to change then, becoming like an all-encompassing ocean which threatened to engulf Maggie and drown her in his mournful world. "You already knew about it, didn't you?"

While Maggie had been dispassionate earlier, she now couldn't help being shocked by his question and forcing a sneer she retorted, "What do you mean? I… Why would I know that?"

Cain focused on the tombstone and continued in a peaceful voice, "Didn't you already know everything when you met with Tompson yesterday?" He bent down with a gentleman's gesture to pull out the last few missed weeds, and, after he again straightened, he said, "You shouldn't have come with me today. I was thinking earlier, if you didn't serve yourself up as bait, I wouldn't treat you as such. But you've chosen to do it anyway." He gave his own interpretation. While speaking, his face fell as if Maggie had let him down.

Maggie was taken by surprise by Cain's sophisticated strategy and she involuntarily stepped backwards and tried to defend herself with feigned awkwardness, "Cain, what are you talking about?"

Cain switched his gaze from Maggie to the sun and added, "You are smart and sensitive to my psychological strategies. However, no one can hold a candle to me, except maybe for Edgar. What a pity! Not only you, but Tompson is also the same." He smiled, "How was it possible for Tompson to overhear such a big piece of news from an eavesdropped conversation

nk a sip of water, and then revealed his strategy. "We need to work as a team. You go and protect Maggie, while I try to locate the previous black box."

"Deal!" Tompson agreed, but in his mind he wasn't so sure about the success of such a plan. Was it possible to unearth the evidence from back then?

The nights became long and cold during winter. Snow falls were common, and temperatures plummeted during the coldest nights. The delightful atmosphere of New Year had turned sorrowful due to this event.

Hana heaved a helpless sigh after reading Maggie's text and then replied to it, "After all, you are married to Edgar. You should have a sense of propriety, even though you enjoy hanging out with Cain. Remember to stay sober."

The message sent back by Maggie made her heave another sigh and nod, as Maggie disregarded her choice and chose to go out with Cain. She was pretty sure about her daughter's personality, as Maggie had always behaved well. As for Cain, having met him several times over the last few days, she knew him to be a guy of integrity as well. In addition, her daughter was too smart to allow herself to be taken advantage of.

With a light sound of electricity crackling, William's house was thrown into total darkness. There were only two lamps which emitted some dim light, to guide movement around the dark space. The sudden silence was like that before a thunderstorm, leaving people distressed. Even the delight of New Year was now unable to eliminate this feeling.

"Where is that thing?" an anxious voice sounded somewhere in the darkness.

"It has already been destroyed."

"Are you sure?"

The male voice was suspicious about this answer. "What do you mean?"

"I'm just feeling uneasy. As you know, both Cain and Edgar have already had an eye out for it. So it is big trouble no matter who gets it in the end."

"It's going to be fine. My men are trustworthy. Besides, since Edgar and Cain are fighting against each other, it will be too late when they realize what happened."

"Oh, really?"

Suddenly, another skeptical voice came, like Satan coming from the dark night, full of mystery and malice.

And the darkness deepened and violence followed.

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