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   Chapter 1383 Extra Story 138 Of Edgar Three Days

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7506

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Maggie could never have imagined that three days could bring such suffering, and not since her childhood had she experienced such angst. However, this was more than a mere torment for her. Even compared to when she was abducted, this waiting was agony. Every second, every moment, she desperately hoped that everything that was happening now was only an illusion. Or to phrase it differently, it was like a special drill for the special trainees-designed to inflict pain.

Nevertheless, she was so familiar with Tompson that she knew he would only have told the truth. She had never realized before how much she trusted him. To her surprise, Edgar fell into the trap set by Cain.

The sudden sound of a beautiful ringtone attracted Maggie's attention and she stared at the cell phone lying on the tea table. It was Cain. Seeing his name on the screen, Maggie couldn't help recalling his handsome face which had so effectively made everyone fall in love with him.

"Maggie… Maggie..." Hearing her phone ringing, Hana frowned and reminded Maggie to answer the phone. "Your phone is ringing. Well, you're sitting right there. Why don't you answer it?" She looked in concern at Maggie, who was still just sitting there doing nothing.

"What?" Maggie glimpsed at Hana with some confusion and then seemed to wake up. "Yeah!" She grabbed the phone, acting like a naughty child who was afraid that her secret would be exposed. Hurriedly she picked up the phone, but it had already stopped ringing, leaving two messages indicating the missed calls.

After unlocking her phone, Maggie was confronted by all the messages from Cain, so she drew a deep breath and scraped the courage together to call him back.

"What are you doing? Why don't you answer my phone calls?" Cain's soft and sexy voice was coached to sound exceedingly cozy and engaging over the phone.

However, Maggie didn't feel attracted to him at all in this moment, and she sensed a chill undertone to his voice. "I was wondering how many times you would keep trying if I did not answer?" she said teasingly to cover her discomfort.

On the other end of the line, Cain smiled mysteriously and asked, "And then?"

"Then I realized that we were not in a relationship like that, so

ones that Edgar had sent her before, she was suddenly overwhelmed by sorrow for no reason. It seemed that the grievance which poisoned Cain from the bottom of his heart had been passed to her and she felt a sense of despondence.

The car was heading towards the eastern suburban areas of S City. Cain stopped nearby the cemetery district of S City.

Maggie couldn't figure out his plans and frowned at Cain with some confusion.

He explained to her without any emotion, "Since I've returned, I haven't visited my parents, yet. So I decided to drop by and do it today." While talking, he stepped from the car and took the flowers, leaving Maggie alone as he headed towards the gate of the cemetery.

Maggie stepped out of the car moments later. The lonely sight of him walking into the graveyard made her forget why they had spent time together today. After closing the car door, she hurried her pace to catch up to Cain, silently following him. After some time, they reached a remote location, where the graves were the cheapest and reserved for the poor.

Cain placed the flowers in front of a grave. The tombstone was in a state of disrepair due to its overexposure to sunlight and accumulation of snow. Clearly it had not been maintained for several years. He remained silent and, after clearing away some grasses and weeds which choked the tombstone, he stood upright. His facial expression was so solemn that it was impossible to figure out what he was thinking about at the moment.

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