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   Chapter 1382 Extra Story 137 Of Edgar Whose Trap

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Pursing her lips, Maggie nodded to his words, "Yes! I wanted to visit you secretly. You are rich. I wanted to steal something from you for the Spring Festival."

Cain laughed at her nonsense excuses and shook his head helplessly.

"What are you doing here so early?" asked Maggie.

Hearing this, Cain sighed slightly. "Last night I refused an invitation from a beauty. I waited for your call, but you were off stealing something." He turned to have a look at Maggie and continued, "The food which I had prepared earlier had to be sent to those guests who couldn't go back home."

Maggie had been so frightened last night that she had completely forgotten Cain's words. She couldn't fall asleep all night. At daybreak she had pretended to sleep until Hana left home, since she didn't want her mom to be worried about her.

Cain saw Maggie was deep in thought as she remained silent, so he continued, "And this morning I was coming to visit your home and wish you all a happy Spring Festival. Then I wanted you to show me around. Now, it seems impossible. Clearly, you have other plans."

Maggie was in an emotional mess right now and she was not in the mood to deal with Cain. She said casually, "That's okay. When the training ends, I'll show you around."

Cain's gaze darkened. "Okay." They made small talk for a while. Maggie didn't know what she would do if things got worse, but Cain knew it wouldn't come true anymore.

When they reached the Huatian Shopping Mall, Maggie hurried inside after saying thanks.

Cain sat in the car, looking at the glass doors of the building, which was surrounded on the outside by cold, winter air. Then he took out his phone and dialed. "Where is Tompson now?"

"Sir, we followed him to the Huatian Shopping Mall. He went into a coffee house on the fifth floor. We stayed outside of the coffee house." A respectful voice came from the other end of the line.

Cain raised his eyes and grimly said, "Okay." After hanging up, he drove away.

When Maggie reached the coffee house, Tompson had already taken a seat at a window. When he saw Maggie, he looked at her and then back out the window before he asked, "Who drove you here just now?"

Maggie froze for a moment and then answered, "Cain."

Tompson frowned tightly as he heard the name. He put down a hundred on the table and said, "Let's go." He took Maggie's arm and walked out. She felt confused by his sudden change.

Maggie didn't understand Tompson's sudden leaving, but she still followed him. After they left the coffee house, they didn't go downstairs. Instead, Tompson showed Maggie around the shopping mall, and he even picked out some clothes for her.

"Tompson, what are you doi

. But I also know you, am I right?" Edgar asked while he walked toward Cain and without warning kicked out at him suddenly.

Cain avoided the kick easily and crossed his arms defensively, blocking Edgar. Calmly he said, "Running away is not your style." He grinned ruthlessly and asked Edgar, "Do you want to know how many people are with me? Why not ask me directly?"

"Will you admit it?" Edgar's gaze became cold. "Aren't you worried that I will cover for that man?"

Cain eyes darkened into bottomless pits. "You won't. But if you know it, you'll die more quickly and the game won't be funny."

"Don't shoot yourself in the foot." Edgar snorted and continued, "Cain, no matter how terrible the events were for the last generation, they have all passed. Do you think you will finally be happy if you take your revenge?"

Frowning, Cain lowered his eyes and sneered, saying, "Sometimes, I have already guessed the outcome, but I have to do it. Aren't you the same as me?" Gradually he looked up, and his eyes were so sharp that they sliced through Edgar's heart.

Edgar frowned, then. Cain continued, "Edgar, we're the same. You can read my mind, while I can read yours, too."

"Oh?" Hearing this, Edgar couldn't help but laugh. "How about making a bet?" His gaze suddenly turned dark and dangerous. "Which of us will be the better one at reading the other's mind?"

Cain's face hardened sharply. He knew Edgar well, so he understood that he meant the threat seriously. "To some extent, you have reminded me."

Edgar smiled. Hearing hurriedly approaching footsteps, he said slowly, "In three days..." Then he dashed to the side and disappeared in amongst the construction scaffolds and bulky equipment which hid his escape.

Cain stared after him with a dark, unreadable expression.

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