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   Chapter 1381 Extra Story 136 Of Edgar Whose Trap

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Brian's eyes gradually darkened and his smile became more expressive. He seemed to see the game happen again.

"Where is Vincent?" Brian asked indifferently while his finger clicked across the screen. He glanced at what had been sent by his subordinates in South Africa.

"He is on his way back to the XK Intelligence Agency," Tony answered.

Brian frowned, turned back to Tony and asked, "Has everything been completed?"

"Yes, the rest of it will be handed over to the subordinates," Tony answered. "Mrs. Molly Long said that Vincent was worried, so she let him return first."

Brian narrowed his eyes slightly, with a faint smile glowing in them. "Hum, good job. Doesn't he know yet who his earthly master is now?"

The words seemed grave in their intent, but Tony had been with him for many years, so he knew his cunning and tricky tone. "Vincent has been following Mrs. Molly Long for two years. It's reasonable then for him to report to Mrs. Molly Long." Tony paused for a moment and asked, "Mr. Brian Long, does Vincent need to stay there?"

"Yes," Brian said while typing quickly and sending out a message.

Whether Cain or Richard had asked the XK Intelligence Agency to attack Edgar, it presented an opportunity to them. However, he didn't know what Richie would think of what he did now. It was not the services which had been paid for, and some disgruntlement might be anticipated.

But Brian soon knew how he felt, because Richie called him less than half hour later.

"Are you on Edgar's side? Or against him?" Brian asked, but in his mind, he already knew the answer.

"Do you want to break the XK Intelligence Agency's rules?" Richie's low voice came from the other end of the line.

Brian curled his lips and his eyes glittered darkly. In a non-committal tone he said, "Rules are made by men. What's more, Mr. Xie hadn't said that this rule couldn't be modified."

Richie did not reply immediately. His eyes were so sharp that if he had been with Brian in person, his eyes would have seen right through Brian's heart. "You do this not for Edgar, but for Molly." Brian kept silent for a moment. Then he said, "Nothing gets past you, Richie." Brian didn't avoid or deny his question. Edgar would have won even if he hadn't gotten involved. He

, "Do you know something about Edgar?"

"What?" Tompson didn't admit it.

Maggie was angered by his constant avoidance and stamped her foot. If Tompson had been here in front of her, she would have kicked out at him. "Don't pretend. I have already known everything. I'm not clear about all the details. But Edgar left after you visited him."

As she finished her words, her eyes reddened again. When the cold wind blew, they burnt and throbbed painfully.

Tompson maintained his silence for a long time and finally asked, "Where are you now?"

"I just left the military yard."

"Meet me half hour from now, in that coffee house on the fifth floor of Huatian Shopping Mall," Tompson said indifferently.

"Okay!" Maggie answered and hung up. Then she went to the road and looked for a taxi to hail.

At that moment, a black car stopped next to her and the window was rolled down.

"It's so early. Where are you going?" Cain's head appeared at the window and in confusion he asked her plans.

Maggie looked around and noticed that it would be hard to get a taxi, so she got into his car and said, "I want to go to the Huatian Shopping Mall." She fastened the safety belt and explained lightly, "Monica and Benjamin are waiting for me to go shopping." Then she smiled at Cain, while keeping her face carefully neutral.

Cain wore a faint smile, too. And when he started the car engine, he asked with a kidding tone, "Your eyes are red. What did you do last night? Did you stay up and play the thief?"

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