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   Chapter 1380 Extra Story 135 Of Edgar Miss But Can't Meet

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"Sorry, I don't know either." Cathy bit her lips. "I haven't seen Captain Edgar since he returned."

Maggie felt depression set in and her eyes turned red. She took a deep breath to summon up the courage to carry on talking with Cathy. They made a little small talk before hanging up. Maybe she was not willing to accept the obvious result, or she still held out some hope. She called Edgar once again, but he still couldn't be reached.

Maggie leaned back on the sofa, threw her cell phone to one side and then let out a long and desperate sigh. Why did she feel that her future with Edgar would be extremely difficult?

"Edgar, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?" Maggie looked up at the ceiling and asked the empty space, "I'm missing you now. What are you doing? Are you even missing me?"

Edgar didn't have time to miss Maggie now. Because he had already almost been cornered several times by his pursuers. The gaps between the times they found him were different, but the longest one was just about one hour.

He knew his own abilities well. But the people following him would also have done their research on him, and probably also knew what he was capable of. If his opponent was Cain, it would be a thorny problem. Cain was difficult to understand. Plus Edgar had been with him for almost a whole month, he must therefore have learnt something about Edgar's habits and abilities now. If what Tompson had said was the truth, he guessed that Cain's reason for coming to the National Defense University to be the Special Instructor had been just to observe him up close and personally.

All of a sudden, and untimely, his cell phone vibrated loudly. Edgar rolled

of her and winked to show that she would protect them.

Brian knew Molly's soft heart all too well. After the computer tinkled once, he muttered slowly, "Last time the XK Intelligence Agency had taken half an hour to repair the damage he did to their system. Does Charlie now want to take over the XK Intelligence Agency?"

Molly sat up immediately at his words. She replied earnestly, "I'll dissuade him from it later on." What a joke! How could she let her son take over the XK Intelligence Agency? Although she wouldn't interfere with what Charlie chose to do in the future, she wouldn't guide him to this.

Brian smiled slightly. "Well, it's great that we share the same thoughts then. I have to get back to work now. Bye."

After hearing her answer, Brian hung up the phone. Just then, he stopped his typing. Looking at a code on the computer for several seconds, he smiled faintly. That was so funny! Someone had dared to contract the XK Intelligence Agency to deal with Edgar!

Brian happily opened the documents concerning Edgar and began to read. It always helped when your enemy revealed his hand.

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