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   Chapter 1379 Extra Story 134 Of Edgar Miss But Can't Meet

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Updated: 2019-10-12 00:13

Before Edgar could figure out what was going on, he heard chaotic footsteps coming up behind him. Strange men came running across the snow, making a harsh tearing noise. "I'll contact you later," he said, hung up the phone and moved back into the crowd.

The trackers behind him were stunned. Someone yelled, "Let's split up and chase after him!" Then the street suddenly became a bustling mass of people running as the men gave chase.

But they had underestimated Edgar. Over the years, whether he had been in the army, or he was the mayor of A City, he had always been a solitary figure. Ordinary people couldn't catch him. They just didn't have the skills to catch him as he swiftly ghosted among the masses of people on the busy street.

Edgar chose to run into the crowd. For now, he still couldn't figure out whose men were chasing him. Or did they belong to multiple forces? Cain was not the only one who wanted to catch him now. Or maybe Cain had never even wanted to catch him at all. Perhaps Cain just wanted him to experience his father's suffering of that year.

Edgar hid not far from the trackers to watch them trailing in his wake. He sneered, turned around and jumped out through the back window of a clothing store he was hiding in. Before he vanished, he even had the cheek to smile at the shop assistant who stared at him slack-jawed and speechless.

The girl swallowed at the nervous lump in her throat. She felt like she was in a cops-and-robbers movie. She was stunned and almost expected that some men would come and ask her whether she had seen a handsome man in a black padded jacket come through there.

"Oh, I must have watched too many TV shows..." she murmured and shook her head. But before she had w

re was no answer. Concern made her heart tighten. After all, today was New Year's Eve. No matter how important their military affairs were, they couldn't still be out of contact, even now. Had they gone to undertake a peacekeeping mission again? But even so, it was implausible to have lost contact with William too.

Hearing Hana busy chopping stuffing for the dumplings in the kitchen, Maggie thought for a while and then picked up her cell phone to call Cathy.

"Hello, Cathy. This is Maggie."

Cathy looked wearily at Daniel beside her and then answered, "Happy New Year, Maggie."

"Happy New Year." Maggie also greeted her and then asked, "Hmm... I want to ask you..."

Cathy guessed her purpose. Her expression became heavy. "You wanted to ask me about Captain Edgar?"

"Yeah." Maggie nervously bit her lip. Somehow, she felt a sense of unease.

Cathy paused for a moment and then said, "Edgar… Captain Edgar is carrying out a task. So I can't tell you any more than that."

Maggie felt a restless fear grow in her at Cathy's words. Her heart pumped hard and was almost about to jump out of her throat. "Please just tell me. How is he?"

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