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   Chapter 1378 Extra Story 133 Of Edgar Miss But Can't Meet

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7335

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"Hey, come and have a look. Is it straight?" Maggie stood on the chair and adjusted the Spring Festival couplets with trembling hands, her face red from the cold.

Hana was standing a little distance from Maggie and looked at her handiwork. "Well, the one on the left should be raised by about a centimeter. Okay, okay. That's it!"

Maggie quickly pasted them up and then jumped off the chair. She began to clap the dust off her hands while saying, "Oh, it seems that the two of us have to run all the affairs of our family from now on. Tomorrow is the Spring Festival, but neither of the two men in our family came back to paste the Spring Festival couplets."

Hana sighed, slightly bitter at her words. Then she smiled helplessly. "But there is nothing we can do. Well, come into the house to wash up. Let me see if we still need anything else for the festival. Then we can go to the market to do the rest of the Spring Festival shopping."

"Okay!" Maggie gestured with a naughty smile. But when she was about to enter the house, a voice sounded from behind her.

"Ma'am." The gate guard came over and saluted her. "A package of yours has arrived. Please, come to the gate to sign for it." Maggie was a senior officer, which was why he had come personally to inform her of the package.

"A package of mine?" Maggie looked at Hana in confusion, as she was not expecting any deliveries now.

Hana just smiled knowingly. "Go and have a look. Maybe it's from Edgar who wants to give you a surprise because he can't return."

Maggie's eyes lit up at once at her words. She ran towards the gate in a hurry.

At the gate, Edgar stood far away in a heavily padded jacket. His figure was well hidden by an ancient, decades-old tree. From beneath the spreading branches, he watched the gate as the van pulled up with the delivery. Quietly, Edgar observed the courier standing by his van, waiting for a signature, and then he looked at the gate in anticipation. From far away, he saw Maggie running merrily towards the gate. She was wearing a pink, down-filled coat.

Edgar looked longingly at her lively figure, not wanting to look away or even blink. His expression became more and more

ving them since that day.

Darkly pondering this situation, Edgar turned around and left, walking at a calm pace. Walking along the street, he heard the occasional firecrackers crackling and spluttering. The New Year's atmosphere was strong, but it already seemed that he had been forgotten by the world.


His cell phone started to buzz in his pocket. Edgar first looked around and then moved away from the crowd, finding a secluded position before answering the call. For now, Tompson should have been the only one who knew this phone number. But the caller ID showed an unknown number on his phone.

Edgar frowned softly and looked at that number for a long time before at last answering the phone. He lowered his voice. "Hello."

"Three days..." Brian stood by the French window with his left hand in his pocket. He looked out at the snowflakes dancing in the air beyond the window and said, "Try to hinder Cain for three days. Now that they want to reverse what happened that year, I'll give Cain an answer."

Edgar felt relieved when he realized that it was Brian calling. "Brian, but where did you get my phone number?"

Brian smiled softly. "Daniel had already called me when Tompson came to see you. My man gave Tompson this card. So what do you think?"

Edgar instantly frowned hard. He was not surprised that Brian could do this. But how could Tompson not have sensed some hint of a crisis? There must be something wrong. Maybe...

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