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   Chapter 1377 Extra Story 132 Of Edgar Getaway

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Edgar was anxious at first but quickly recovered his composure. "Don't say that. It's no use." He paused for a moment and then asked, "What are his intentions? There's nothing I can do about it from here."

Tompson rolled his eyes. It was annoying for him to deal with Edgar. He had thought that he would use Maggie as a way to persuade Edgar, but Edgar didn't take the bait. Wearily, Tompson nodded and said, "Uncle William had no other choice. The seniors would have been willing to release you, but if Cain did something, it would have been hard to prove then." It was almost impossible for Edgar to escape at that time, no matter how smart he was. If Edgar died, what else would matter?

Edgar had suddenly become so calm that it was impossible to guess what he was thinking, which made Tompson even more anxious. Looking at Edgar's still face was like staring into a deep well, frozen over in winter. However, Edgar had to be careful in his considerations. If he escaped from here now, Tompson would be implicated, as well as Maggie's father. He wouldn't do something right now, but he had to think it over and come up with a detailed plan.

The atmosphere here was oppressive, while the Eagle was filled with gloom. On the surface, everyone participated fully in the training, but they were all worried about Edgar. They didn't believe that he would have killed Henry because of corruption. It just wasn't in Captain Edgar's character!

"Daniel," Cathy said. "Why not ask Brian for help?"

Daniel had thought of it previously, but they didn't know the full situation. News was scarce and he had received no information. He was not sure whether Brian would do him a favor, so he said, "Let's wait another couple of days."

Hearing his words, Cathy was so angry that she stamped her foot. "You have spent a long time with the Captain Edgar, and now you are exactly like him. You don't want to call your brother-in-law. Fine, I'll call him! Uh!" As she spoke, she glared at Daniel and then turned to leave in a huff.

"Alas!" Daniel reached out to take Cathy's hand in his, but he failed and she walked away. "Cathy..."

Cathy ignored Daniel's plea. She returned to the dormitory and called Brian. When the call went through, her eyes became misty and she started to cry out of anxiety or even fear. Edgar was like her family, and she was desperately worried for him.

Brian stopped what he was doing, frowned and asked in a light voice, "What's up? What's wrong with you?"

People could be strong and determined in the face of difficulties, but they could not stand any more when the person they loved cared about themselves. Tears were gushing out of Cathy's reddened eyes. She couldn't stop wailing.

Brian was patient and just listened to Cathy crying. Then he leaned back in his chair and pinched the skin between his eyes to relax himself.

Cathy cried for two or three minutes, then sniffed and managed to calm down slightly before she said with hesitation,

y?" He saw a brief smile on Edgar's face and retorted, "You're crazy." At a loss for any further words, Tompson left angrily.

Edgar returned to look at the snow and waited quietly. Even if they were running after him, they would never have considered that he would go to a shopping mall now. 'I still have enough time to buy Maggie some beautiful clothes, and some delicious food, ' Edgar thought warmly. Thinking of Maggie always warmed him.

It was time for the shopping mall to open, so Edgar entered with the rest of the early morning shoppers. He had a good taste and knew Maggie's size well. He bought two sets of clothes, which cost most of the money which Tompson had brought to him. Then he went to the supermarket to buy some tasty food which Maggie loved, and also went to an express-delivery company nearby.

"Hey, dude, why are you too shy to give the gifts to the beautiful girl yourself?" the delivery man packed the items while saying. "You're so generous. She must be quite special."

Edgar smiled, but he was cautious not to let the delivery man see his whole face. "Will it be delivered today?"

"I'll deliver it soon. I promise, it'll be received before twelve o'clock." The delivery man noticed that Edgar didn't write down his name and phone number. He frowned and asked, "There's no information for you. How will the girl know it's from you?"

"I have put a note with it," Edgar said calmly. He gave the man a hundred bill. "Keep the change." Then he left the store. The delivery man momentarily stared after his proud back and then shook his head. Love truly made people blind.

Edgar lingered at the corner of the street for a while, until, finally, he decided to take the risk and went to the military yard. He hadn't really thought it through. He didn't know how much time he had spent in solving the problem. He just wanted to see Maggie, even if only from a distance.

Edgar felt devastated by her absence from his side over these last few days.

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