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   Chapter 1376 Extra Story 131 Of Edgar Getaway

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Tompson leaned against the wall, with his hands in his pockets. Some soldiers greeted him, but he only replied with a short, disinterested mutter. The next day was the eve of the Spring Festival, so the military camp became a bustling hive of activities. Nobody had the luxury to loaf about, as everyone was busy pasting up spring couplets, or preparing the feast and settling their friends and families who were visiting. There were a million things to do before the night of the festival, and not enough time to do them.

After more than half an hour, William returned to his office in a hurry. His expression was tired and heavy with a sense of helplessness. When he saw Tompson, he beckoned him into the office.

"You stand outside," William said to his subordinate. "And keep everyone away from here."

"Yes, sir."

After his subordinate left and politely closed the door, William gestured for Tompson to sit down. He got straight to the point, and asked, "Are you coming back this time for Edgar?"

Tompson nodded and answered, "It seems as if it was all in vain. I'm still too late."

William sighed helplessly and nodded. He didn't know what to say but asked, "Tell me what you know."

"I found out about it by accident," Tompson sighed slightly. "I just planned to wander around. There was no opportunity for that previously. You know, I have many friends in different fields, and most of them are abroad." He stopped for a while and his tone grew serious. "It was a coincidence. One day, I went to a pub with my friends. And there I overheard some people talking about this. I didn't think overly much about it at that time. But when I left, I thought it strange."

When Tompson and his friends had been in the pub, they had been seated near people who worked for Cain's family. These men had thought that they were in a foreign country and nobody would care about something domestic, so they had talked carelessly and had revealed much.

Tompson had heard them chatting and knew that it was not a simple matter with Cain having been invited to the homeland. He hadn't paid attention to the reasons for Cain's return earlier, because it was none of his business.

However, they had mentioned Edgar, which had caught his attention,

ring Festival, but I can't leave here. Maggie must have cried herself to death by now."

"You know her well," Tompson said while laughing. "But you are still in a good mood if you can joke. You seem well."

There was a bitter smile at the corners of Edgar's mouth. He got off the table and sat on the chair. "Have you come back for me? Despite the past…"

"Yes!" Tompson nodded and quickly told him what he had told William just now. "What are you going to do?"

"I have no clue. Guess we'll have to figure it out as we go along," Edgar said calmly. These past few days, he had thought over the whole event several times, and he had finally established some connection.

He knew something about the previous generation. He had heard about it from Molly's dad. No secret could be hidden forever in this day and age. Everyone had to pay the cost for their own actions.

Hearing Edgar's words, Tompson frowned and gently suggested, "Even if you don't care about yourself, don't you at least care about Maggie?" Tompson became angry then. "When I arrived at the airport, I saw Maggie seeing somebody off. At that time, I saw her sitting on the bench and she was continually touching her belly. Her expression was so strange. I believe..." He was making up these words in a desperate ploy to make Edgar care about his future. When he saw Edgar's gaze had changed sharply, he continued calmly, "I didn't ask her about it. But aren't you afraid that you won't have a chance to carry out your plan?"

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