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   Chapter 1375 Extra Story 130 Of Edgar True Colors

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Maggie shook her head helplessly. "I have no idea at all."

Her expression brought Tompson even more concern, and he couldn't help but frown before changing the topic of discussion. "What about your special training these days?"

"Not fun at all," Maggie answered and smirked darkly. She had thought that it would be possible to have more opportunities to be together with Edgar, but it had ended up backfiring, and his harsh face was the only thing that she saw every day! She gained no benefit in the end, so she exclaimed, "It could be the darkest moment in my entire life!"

Tompson was amused by her complaint. "So are you saying that you are unhappy with your beloved Edgar?"

"Unhappy with what?" Maggie's face became streaked with bitterness. "Could you ever imagine that your lover would wear a poker face while being with you? Meanwhile, you need to tolerate the fact that your love rival has re-united with him, and tortures you. Of course you can't say a word about this. Besides that, there is a super handsome guy, who is an eye candy for others, but a nightmare for me." Finishing with her initial rant, Maggie let out a half repressed shriek of frustration. While speaking, she couldn't even bear it. "The more expectation, the more frustration. You're so damn right."

Hearing what Maggie said, Tompson sensed that it was far more complicated and frowned again. So he called a taxi and invited Maggie to get in the car. "Why don't you go home first?"

"Why don't we leave together?" Maggie couldn't figure out the reason for Tompson's sudden farewell.

Tompson shook his head. "One of my friends will be arriving in two hours, so I need to wait for him." While speaking, he gave the address to the driver and shut the back door without waiting for Maggie to reply.

When Maggie's car was out of his sight, Tompson called another taxi, and identified his destination to the driver, "S Army, please."

The driver turned back to cast a brief glimpse at him, and then started the car. "I can only drive you to the vicinity of the security fence. There's a cordon in effect, now that it's approaching the Spring Festival."

"Fine." Tompson agreed without paying too much attention, and dialled Edgar's number instead. The beautiful and sweet artificial voice which sounded over the phone always had the habit of instilling the angry impulse to throw the phone on the ground in everyone who heard it.

Tompson didn't give up and dialed again, but again what he got was, "Sorry, the number you have dial is not in service." Hearing this, he hung up and dialed William's number, but to his surprise, it wasn't connected either.

Now that was so weird! It might be possible that Edgar couldn't be connected, since even though he was the Captain of Eagle, he also fulfilled the same duty as the other team members did. However, the fact that William wasn't connected felt so unbelievably strange.

"Sir, would you please hurry up?" Tompson urged the driver, and his face turned increasingly serious at the same time. He just hoped that he could make it. After he couldn't reach either of the men, however, he predicted that events were already unstoppable.


Looking at Cain sitting next to him, Richard was so shocked that his mouth opened slightly, since he had never imagined it would be him. A great number of people had been possible candida

y our supervisor. Cain Nan."


After getting out of the taxi, Tompson walked towards the front gates of the military region. Since he was the army medical officer, he was familiar with many of the guards on duty, so they just let him through without asking him for any papers considering that the New Year was approaching.

However, Tompson didn't head to the clinic, but instead went straight to William's office. He rushed at great speed all the way, but when he entered the office, William was not there.

Searching around the building, William was still nowhere to be found. Tompson had no choice now, but to randomly ask one of staff, "Where is Mr. William Du?"

The guy looked serious and remained silent while shaking his head. Finally, he advised, "Officer Tompson, you'd better call Political Commissar Wang. They are supposed to be working together."

"Which Political Commissar Wang?"

"It is Political Commissar Wang with the armored brigade."

Tompson nodded and dialed the number immediately. He still had a sense of belonging towards this place, so fortunately, he had kept the the phone numbers of his previous colleagues in S Army in his mobile phone.

Since he was in the military region, he was becoming more and more anxious. Perhaps due to his experiences at Eagle's clinic, but his sensory organs were far more sensitive than before, and he sensed the severe atmosphere. "Hi, is that Political Commissar Wang? This is Tompson Lin. Yeah, right, I've come back to pay a visit. I'd like to speak to Mr. William Du, since I hear that you are with him. Okay, I'll wait."

Tompson hung up the phone, and aimlessly wandered back and forth in the passageway. Nearly twenty minutes later, his phone rang, and he hurried to answer it. "Hello—" "Is it about Edgar?" William interrupted him. Hearing his solemn tone, Tompson frowned again and mumbled, "I'm too late."

"What do you mean? Are you hiding some secret?" William was astonished and opened his eyes wide. "Just wait for a second. I'll be right back, son. Just stay where you are. And wait right there for me."

"Yes, sir!" Tompson replied with determination while automatically standing at attention.

The busy tone came from the other side of the phone.

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