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   Chapter 1374 Extra Story 129 Of Edgar True Colors

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"Cain, it's been reported that William is going to ensure Edgar's safety..." the man explained in an urgent tone over the phone. "No decisions have been made by the senior military officer yet."

Casting a glimpse at Maggie, who was ordering food with an innocent smile, and kept asking, "Who's in charge of this?"

Being distracted by the light voice and the noisy background, the man on the other end of the call paused for a few seconds and then revealed the answer. "It's the vice president of Military Commissions, Richard Lu."

"Oh?" Cain seemed not to have expected this name, but there was also a brief flicker of delight in his expression. "Well, I see." Noticing that Maggie had taken the trays of food and was moving towards him, Cain immediately ended the conversation. "Wait until I'm done with this business." He hung up the phone without affording the man an opportunity to reply.

"Who are you talking to so early?" While raising this question, Maggie put the bean curd in front of Cain and introduced the other dishes. "Here you are. This is my favorite. It is the specialty here: buns stuffed with braised pork." While introducing the food, she moved two of the buns onto the plate for Cain to have a taste.

Being aware of her earlier doubts, Cain smiled casually and explained, "It's early here, but it's already late in M Country."

Hearing this, Maggie was at first shocked, and then frowned. "There won't be any accident, right?"

"No..." Cain shook his head. "I was just making sure of it. Alright, help yourself! When you have finished eating, I will take you back home to get some rest. I should return to my hotel room, too. It's a shame for us to have ended up like this. When we return, I still need to take a shower."

Maggie nodded with a smile, and then began to eat. As a matter of fact, after spending time with Cain these past few days, Maggie had come to accept him. She had found that he was not as unwelcoming as others believed. So, in other words, everyone had a different point of view, and people might surprise us when we gave them the chance.

After the breakfast, Cain drove Maggie and they returned to the military region. He left again once he made sure that she entered the yard.

Cain dialed t

couldn't believe her eyes. She looked around instinctively and then focused on the view in front of her again before exclaiming, "Tompson, is that you?" She could not believe who she was seeing.

Tompson grinned at Maggie. "You're right! It's me, my sweet girl."

Maggie was entertained by his humorous greeting. Perhaps because of what had happened last time, she had changed a lot. So she had become more open-minded towards Tompson and was actually interested in his personal life. "When did you get back?"

"I've just stepped off the plane." Tompson smiled, looked around and continued, "I'm back to look in on Edgar and to discuss something. Why are you here alone? Are you seeing someone off? Where's Edgar?" He was aware that Maggie had been receiving some temporary training during the holidays, and Edgar was her instructor. It didn't take a genius to see that Maggie was greatly annoyed by that guy! Even the blind could see their closeness. But clearly Edgar also infuriated her.

Maggie nodded and shrugged, trying to hide the signs of her being upset. "Yeah, I'm here to see somebody off. Edgar was summoned by the army. It looks like that there's something happening."

Hearing this, Tompson revealed a glimmer of concern, but it just flashed in his eyes for a brief moment, and Maggie paid no attention to it at all. "Let's go, and talk about it." He turned around and at the same time asked Maggie curiously, "Do you know anything about the summons? Tomorrow is New Year's Eve."

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