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   Chapter 1373 Extra Story 128 Of Edgar Probably A Trap

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Jerry's heart felt heavy and a mix of emotions swirled in him. He had lost all appetite after taking one bite. He tried his best to pretend he was calm. His mind kept telling him that there was a large possibility that Edgar had killed Henry. But deep down, he didn't want it to be true. At that moment, food felt bland in his mouth. He suddenly remembered all the rumors about Edgar that he had heard from the brigade. He thought that Edgar might have done this for Eagle, or maybe for Jeffrey. After all, it had happened before back in the camp.

The atmosphere was full of solemnity, but Edgar felt relaxed. He turned on the TV and took out his phone after finishing his food. When he had read the message from Maggie, his lips lightened into a smile.

It was a short simple message but it meant so much for him. He leaned on the couch, reading those words again, and then typed several words. Before he could hit "send," Jerry moved in front of him.

"Ahem! Captain Edgar. According to the rules, we can't send any messages to anyone at this moment," Jerry said softly but helplessly. He always knew that Edgar was serious and indifferent. But what he saw just now made him see Edgar in a new way. It was obvious that the message Edgar received came from his family, although he never knew anything about Edgar's personal life.

Edgar only sighed in disappointment, shrugged, and put his phone away. His unfinished messaged that said, "Uhm. Message accepted. I feel the same way as you!" was impossible to be sent out.

After three hours, Political Commissar Wang had finally arrived along with several senior military offices from S Army. It was already past midnight. They made a search around the house to understand the situation more. After the investigation was done, they had finally taken Henry's body away. The night was getting deeper and quieter, and left someone to work with the police offers.

The helicopter appeared and roared in the middle of the cold darkness. Political Commissar Wang had observed that Edgar was calm from the very beginning to the end. He even spoke logically while being questioned. It seemed that he had nothing to do with the case, after all. "Ah. Your gun seemed to be gone, am I correct?" Political Commissar Wang asked.

Edgar frowned slightly at the question. The gun he grabbed from the man he chased down was the same with his own. They were both Eagle of the Desert. As much as he could recall, Jerry and he had both of their guns with them. But coincidentally, his gun was gone! This had never happened before! It would be impossible for him not to notice that he had his gun taken away by someone else! But the inevitable had happened.

Edgar only replied calmly as his dark eyes looked at Political Commissar Wang, "The gun they have collected in the scene might be mine." When emergencies happened, people wouldn't be able to think about it in a detailed manner. But looking back, he had realized that it wasn't an accident but an elaborate plan. Probably, it was a setup from the beginning. Unfortunately, he wasn't sure if he was exactly the target of the setup.

The helicopter flew a

He still kept the smile on his face and said, "You haven't been able to sleep well recently, right?" It didn't sound like a question. It sounded as if he was telling her the truth. Then he turned and looked at Maggie.

Maggie pouted and said in a disappointed voice, "I thought there would be a 10-day holiday, but changes run faster before plans happen." Then she shrugged, took a deep breath, and walked to Cain. She had left footprints in front of his car. "Since it stopped snowing, let's pass up on the fried chicken with beer." She checked the watch and suggested with sparkling eyes, "How about we go somewhere that serves yummy congee?"

Cain shook his head as he chuckled. "You look like an unkempt brat after one night's sleep. Are you really sure that you want to eat breakfast now?"

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Oh come on. This was a normal thing for me during the training for survival in the wild. So, are you coming with me or not?"

"Alright, alright. I'm coming with you," Cain smiled and they walked back to the car. Cain drove deviously through the streets under Maggie's instruction and finally pulled up in front of a small restaurant. It was full of people eating breakfast.

Cain was astonished. It made Maggie amused as she said, "I stumbled upon this place by accident. Then I learnt that there's a factory nearby. The workers there work in four shifts a day. For the sake of the workers with the earliest shift, the owner and his wife decided to open between four to five in the morning. It is small, but the food here is delicious and the price is budget-friendly but worth it! During busy times, people had to take long queues." They have found a table while she was talking to him about the restaurant. She left Cain on their table and went to order their food.

Cain didn't stop her and smiled softly as she watched her back and her dark hair flow on it. By the time she had left, Cain received an incoming call. He glanced at his vibrating phone and picked it up.

A man's urgent voice came out of it, "Cain, I have news! William has decided to protect Edgar!"

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