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   Chapter 1372 Extra Story 127 Of Edgar Probably A Trap

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"What if I had chosen to lie to you from the very beginning?" Cain said slightly and smirked as he gazed at Maggie with burning eyes. When she looked back at him like a deer in the headlights, he seemed to back down a bit and said, "Let's just go."

Maggie nodded nervously and swallowed. Her mind was racing and her buttock felt frozen in her seat. She found difficult to breathe in such a pokey space, with her heart tightening.

"What the hell are you doing?" Maggie asked. There was a mix of annoyance and surprise in her voice. Her wide eyes only looked at Cain as she leaned backwards, with Cain getting too close to her.

Cain chuckled as he leaned in to buckle her seat belt for her. Then he finally started the car engine and assured her, "Don't worry. I won't do anything to you this late. But I wonder if we could have some sort of fighting." He decided to tease her. "It'll be great if I win against you. But it will be really embarrassing if I lose. Not to mention..." He kept the cheesy smile on his face and he turned to the nervous-looking Maggie. "It's not my style to force people anyways. That's too lowly. Besides, I believe I am good enough, so I don't have to. You're far from a beauty anyways."

"Such bullshit!" Maggie muttered and pouted angrily, but secretly she felt relieved to hear this. She added, "I don't care if you think I am a beauty or not. Your opinion on me doesn't matter. As long as Edgar thinks I am a beauty in his eyes, it's more than enough!" Maggie wiggled her hips jauntily with a triumphant smile on her face.

Cain turned to look at Maggie, then whipped his dark eyes back to the front. His eyes only turned darker as he drove the car around the corner.

The snow was coming down even harder outside. This kind of scenery was what the elders and farmers would like to see, especially when the new year was fast approaching. As they say, "A timely snow promises an auspicious year."

Although S City wasn't as flourishing as other coastal cities, it was still considered a big city. Shops everywhere kept trying their best to lure in customers by a variety of discounts. It was very late at night but the flashing ne

restraints in their camp. They weren't allowed to do things freely as the people on Dragon Island did. The people both in National Congress and the Dragon Empire Group had their own rights to make decisions, which was something worth learning from.

"Hey, you should eat something first," Edgar said as he handed a bowl of instant noodles to Jerry. "It will take them at least two to three hours to get here."

There weren't any confirmations at the moment. Jerry mentally told himself not to act unusual around Edgar even though he had his own suspicions. He accepted the bowl and sighed deliberately, "This is ridiculous. This is just...Ugh! Henry is so young and then he just..."

Jerry couldn't finish his words and sighed. Edgar didn't respond and started eating his noodles silently. He didn't speak until he had eaten half of it. "One false move can affect your whole life. His voice was quiet without any hint of emotion. It was intentionally made to conceal emotions so that Jerry wouldn't be able to get any information from it.

He felt sorry for too many things in his life. After all, he had experienced a variety of missions varying from simply to deadly. But he was a soldier. He had to be strong and not show any emotion while on duty. Learning to control one's own feelings was the very first lesson given to all the people in the Eagle, including him. They had to, so they could be qualified to be special force soldiers.

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