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   Chapter 1370 Extra Story 125 Of Edgar A Trap

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Edgar tried to calm himself down. He pulled down Henry and put a finger under Henry's nose. He frowned when he found out that Henry's breathing was getting weak and slow. He stood up at once and ran to the direction where the bullet came from.

There was a bullet hole in the glass window, small cracks, and scattered glass fragments. He could tell which gun was used at a first glance. It was a 0.50 caliber pistol of the Eagle of the Desert. This kind of pistol was improved later. To some extent, it could be equal to a M16 assault rifle at a certain distance.

Edgar glanced around the place and found that there were many places suitable to attack Henry. It was hard to tell where the assault point was due to the city lights. Edgar had no time to think it over. He turned back and found Henry dead. The bullet got straight into his heart. He had died without uttering another word.

Edgar took out his phone and tried to call Jerry. But while he was dialing Jerry's number, he saw a person sliding away from the corner of his eyes. Without any second thoughts, he chased quickly after that person.

The man seemed terrified when Edgar chased him onto his tracks so he sped up and jumped out of the community in a few minutes.

Edgar also sped up, following him, and jumped over the wall. He never knew that there was a small man-made park behind the community until now. There were a lot of rocks and trees that stood in rows. Even though the leaves had fallen down during winter, the trees still blocked the view.

Edgar kept his focus on the man and took even quicker steps. At the side of a small lake, which got frozen, he managed to tackle the man onto the ground.

The man had agile movements so he wasn't frightened because of Edgar's actions. He managed to give Edgar a surprise punch and jumped back to his feet at the same time.

It felt like time stopped for them as they stared at each other.

The man moved his eyes around, trying to find a way to escape. Unfortunately, he found that there were many obstacles no matter which direction he would take. He couldn't escape from behind since there was a fake amber decoration. It wasn't

hrough. The bullet hole was knocked by someone and fragments of glass were scattered in the balcony and the room.

Suddenly a "clunk" sound from outside came. When Edgar frowned and did a stance in case of an attack, Jerry had entered the room.

Jerry hadn't noticed the poor Henry lying on the floor and quickly made his way to Edgar. "You're here! I called you but your phone was busy!" He walked ahead. "So Henry has rented a room here. It... Ah! Oh God!"

Jerry didn't manage to finish his words. Anxiously, he walked towards Edgar. He wanted to say that he had heard a gunshot, so he hurried to the place. He stumbled and sat down onto the floor. His eyes went wide like saucers and couldn't find the words to say.

He had already seen Henry's body on the floor. Henry's eyes were wide open and the fear of death was still present in his frozen expression.

"Ah! What happened here?" Jerry was first shocked and calmed himself down. He took a deep breath and stood up. Since he was a military man and used to scenarios like this, the first thing he had to do was check the corpse.

"So he was shot to death. The person who could have done this must have good skills." Jerry frowned and turned to Edgar. He gulped when he saw the pistol in Edgar's hand.

Jerry had found the house that Henry rented after a series of investigations. As Edgar mentioned, Henry had found their tracks, so he didn't go back to his parents' home.

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