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   Chapter 1369 Extra Story 124 Of Edgar Death

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Jerry took a gulp of air and reflected on Edgar's words. Well, it did made sense when he really thought about it. After all, Edgar did give them two thousand dollars. While Jerry was lost in his thoughts, Edgar began conversing with Henry's father excitedly. For a very short time, Edgar finally got a good grasp of everything that happened to Henry from the cradle up to his admission to the army. They talked about Henry's changes when he had grown from a rookie cadet into a veteran.

They all merrily ate lunch. The couple told them that it was the first time they had such a lively meal ever since Henry joined the army. Henry's two years of compulsory military service was coming to an end. They didn't want their son to stay in the army any longer. They believed that it would be best if Henry could switch into a voluntary soldier, which would help him land a good job after leaving the army.

The couple's words brought sternness upon Jerry's face. Switching into a volunteer soldier wasn't the point. There was a chance that Henry could be spared from criminal liabilities but it was very likely that he would be expelled from the army. A good job? Really? What good job was waiting for a deserter? He could only sigh heavily.

Edgar and Jerry had bidden the couple goodbye right after lunch. They didn't say a word until they were a few blocks away from the couple's house. Jerry sighed, "Edgar, you have a gift for probe. I'll give you that." They managed to get some information about Henry through one meal. Usually, parents were blind to their children's faults. But there was no clear distinction between Henry's personality in his parents' eyes and in Jerry's eyes.

Henry was certainly a good soldier. Jerry couldn't understand why a good soldier such as him chose to be a deserter.

Edgar stopped in his tracks and looked around their surroundings. "We can't let Henry get home. We need to stop him here." There was a reason why Henry had deserted. Whatever it might be, Edgar decided to keep Henry's desertion a secret from his parents for now.

Jerry was internally applauding Edgar's investigative skills so he had no qualms with Edgar's decision, although they didn't exactly go by the book.

Edgar and Henry had explored the area and found a place to stay for the night. Somewhere they could immediately see Henry if he ever appeared. They waited for two days and there was no trace of Henry, not even his shadow.

"Something isn't right." Edgar frowned. "He took the last train that day. He should have arrived here last night, at the very least."

"I'll look into it," Jerry said, trying

Finally, she got her resolve and took out her phone again. She didn't call Edgar but sent him a text message instead.

'I love you, Edgar, I miss you.'

It was a short message but it was full of love and longing. At this very moment, she had no idea how many surprises the message would bring her in the future and how she would be affected by these surprises.

Meanwhile, Edgar stealthily approached a house.

It didn't took too long for him to find out where Henry was hiding. He managed to get a clue within half a day. He took a deep breath, held it down, and pressed his ear tightly against the door. Silence. Just pure eerie silence. He had observed that the lights and TV in the living room were on before he got up here.

Edgar frowned and squinted to get a better look. He took out a paperclip from his pocket, straightened it, and then pushed it into the door's keyhole.

With a small click, the door was finally open. Edgar pushed it slowly and was shocked when he slid inside the room.

At the middle of the hall, Henry had his hands and feet bound to a chair, his mouth covered with duct tape, and his eyes bulged widely when he saw Edgar, as if they were screaming "Help me!"

Edgar didn't rush up towards Henry and checked around. There was uncertainty in the air even if the house appeared to be safe.

Everything seemed normal, as if nothing was around. Edgar felt his heartbeats quickened as he went to Henry's side. He ripped the tape off Henry's mouth and asked, "Who did this to you?"

Henry was gasping for air as he replied, "It was..."

BANG! Henry's words were cut off. His eyes widened with fear as a bullet slammed into his body.

Edgar quickly grabbed his gun from his holster and turned around.

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