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   Chapter 1368 Extra Story 123 Of Edgar Death (Part One)

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Margie looked at Cain, who was seating opposite her. She observed how he clasped his long fingers together and kept his long legs crossed. What he did yesterday had completely changed her image of him. Back in the training ground, he was considered "the Devil." He would train like a madman and eat his meal like he was starving. He would always disturb her whenever she was alone. She didn't expect that the Devil actually had a soft side of him.

The way he talked and joked with her mother yesterday made her realize his affections. When she escorted him out, her child-like eyes met his dark and mysterious ones. His gaze alone mesmerized her, as if she was under a spell. She felt her skin prickle and warmth rise up to her cheeks. Indeed her perspective of him had changed.

"You know, watching me eat can be enjoyable for you but it can't make your stomach full," Cain said, bringing Maggie back to reality. He softly cut up his steak with his fork and knife. When he finished, he looked up at Maggie and switched their plates. "Eat."

Maggie only frowned while Cain resumed his meal gracefully. She muttered, "I am quite surprised that you are being this gentle, as if I will believe that. It's clear you are up to no good." To express her displeasure, she shoved down a large piece of steak into her mouth and chewed loudly. It was clear she was being rude towards him on purpose.

Both of them were eating in a fancy Western-style restaurant. There were times Benjamin and Monica would invite Maggie to eat here once in a while. That didn't mean she didn't know anything about table manners at all. She simply wanted to embarrass Cain. What was he hiding behind that handsome smile and bewitching eyes? For sure, the Devil was in there.

When people started to fill the restaurant, the scraping sound of Maggie's fork against the plate filled their ears. Disapproving glares were aimed at their table and some even whispered in gossip.

Cain only kept his composure and gave her a fond smile. Maggie felt her heart skip a beat.

It took her a while to realize that she was only making a fool of herself. If looks could kill, then the sharp glares at Maggie's direction could be enough to kill her. Women were captivated at the

Edgar nodded and gazed at her. "Well, Henry told us that he had a good aim since his father taught him how to use a slingshot when he was a child."

Henry's father grinned when he heard Edgar's earnest tone and compliments. After all, parents wanted to see their children succeed. He couldn't contain his complacency and pointed a finger at his wife. "I told you so, darling! Remember the time you accused me and Henry for being frivolous?" He grinned wider, taunting his wife.

Henry's mother smiled, shaking her head. "Oh well, what a good time for a comeback." Then she invited Edgar and Jerry to stay for lunch. "You have come such a long way. Please be our guests and stay for lunch. You are not allowed to refuse!"

"We—" Jerry wanted to refuse.

"That's very kind of you! We are more than happy to stay. Thank you for your hospitality!" Edgar cut him off once again in an enthusiastic voice.

Jerry felt a vein pop on his temple. He was holding back the annoyance he was feeling towards Edgar. After all, it was his own soldier who got in trouble. But Edgar was way above his rank. He showed a smile despite being interrupted by Edgar.

And right now, they made a mistake to accept a civilian's invitation for lunch. It made him feel like he was taking bribes.

When Henry's mother joyfully set out to buy ingredients for lunch, Edgar pulled Jerry aside and said in a low voice, "It's not really taking a bribe. Think of it as a meal for which we paid two thousand dollars."

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