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   Chapter 1367 Extra Story 122 Of Edgar A Series Of Stratagems

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9765

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Edgar sat in silence while Daniel reached out and patted the soldier's shoulder to console him.

"S-sir, please tell me. D-did I really kill him?" Jeffrey looked up at the two men with puffy red eyes. "D-did I really kill someone? Please have mercy on me. I didn't mean to..."

Jeffrey began to cry again. His spirit was wavering. Edgar didn't lose his sharp composure. "As an Eagle soldier, you must remain strong and keep your spirits up."

"Captain Edgar," Jeffrey cut him off. "The one I killed is not an enemy or any petty criminal but a comrade! A comrade in arms! A brother in battle!"

Edgar could only sigh and said in a calm voice, "I will investigate into this matter and I will make sure that justice will served." Then he looked at Jeffrey with determination. "There is one thing I need you to do for me. You must live on and as long as you are alive, there will be always hope." Then he turned away.

Daniel also rose up and gave Jeffrey a reassuring smile. "Eagle will not give up on you. And please don't give up on yourself!" As he said that, he gave Jeffrey's shoulder a pat and left. When the door was closed, he heard wailing coming from the inside.

Meanwhile, Edgar asked the soldier on duty to keep Jeffrey temporarily locked up in the closed guard chamber. They shouldn't mention, interrogate, or even see him without his orders. Finally, he and Daniel went up to the car. It was almost dawn.

"You know where to find William, right?" Edgar asked Gordon.

"Yes, sir!" confirmed Gordon.

"Then drive us there," Edgar ordered.

After resting for a while, Edgar went to the airport with the Political Commissar Wang together. The sky was already turning bright. They planned to block Henry before he could even arrive home. Edgar looked at his watch and looked at the newspaper inside the airplane.

At this moment, no one knew it was an invisible trap, waiting for Edgar to fall in.

In S City, Cain admired at the morning mist during dawn. He sipped his coffee as he continued marveling the haze through the big landing window of a hotel.

"Ah, peace," he muttered to himself in relaxation.

Then his phone ran loudly and Cain tried his best to ignore it. Unfortunately, It kept on ringing and ringing.

Cain sighed blankly. He still kept on drinking his coffee, not ripping off his deep eyes upon the scenery. After ten minutes, he decided to answer his phone.

He saw who was the caller and immediately picked it up.

"Cain! Thank goodness you have finally answered!" The person on the other line was obviously anxious. Cain plopped down on his chair and let the other person talk. "Edgar had already arrived at the airport since he wanted to reach B City ahead of Henry."

Cain remained calm and licked his lips. "Oh I see," he said indifferently. He paused for a moment and then continued, "Try to delay William inside the camp."

"Understood!" the other side repli

ust smiled when the elevator door opened, followed by a few doctors. The smile remained plastered on Cain's face as the elevator let out a loud "ding." Then a few doctors walked out, going to the ward of Maggie's friend. He went to approach the doctors and asked, "How is she?"

One of the doctors replied, "Not good. I am afraid she may not have a chance to survive."

Maggie noticed that sadness filled up his eyes. She saw how hard he was holding back his tears. He tried his best to keep his composure as he said, "Please do everything in your power to help her survive.

Money isn't a problem. I can cover her fees. I want the hospital to give me a guarantee. I want you to save this woman!"

The doctors looked at each other puzzled. Then the attending physician only sighed in surrender. "We won't be able to give you such a guarantee but rest assured, we will try our best."

Maggie tried her best not to scream and curse. 'What the hell is Cain thinking? It's so hard to read this man!' She could glare in silence as she saw that cocky smirk shadowing on Cain's lips.

"Well, what if I invited experts outside the country?" Cain asked. There was a mask of confidence in his voice.

The attending doctor only shook his head, fixing his glasses. "Unfortunately, the level of equipment will be unable to keep up. Our medical equipment is left unused." Then he could only sigh in defeat. There was no use to argue with Cain. "We need to check first and later, we'll discuss it." The attending physician asked the paramedics behind him to follow him inside the intensive care unit.

The door creaked as it closed slowly. Cain turned back. His eyes grew darker. He was starting to be filled with hopelessness as he saw the woman's faint pulse being monitored in the apparatus. He clutched his chest. He felt his heart tightening and he was trying to think straight.

What happened twenty years ago only replayed inside his mind.

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