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   Chapter 1366 Extra Story 121 Of Edgar A Series Of Stratagems

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"What's going on?" Edgar asked after he went downstairs and boarded the Jeep. There was only cold ice present in his sharp eyes. "Why did someone die?"

The dignified-looking driver, Gordon, glanced at Edgar, then at Daniel, who gestured for him to set out. Gordon gulped down his nervousness, squared his shoulders, and drove for Eagle.

There was heavy silence inside the car. The tension was so thick that one could cut it with a knife.

Gordon shuddered at the thought of Edgar losing his patience. Daniel sighed and retold the whole story to Edgar.

There was an army deserter in the armored brigade. They sent people to trace him. Then someone from Eagle got involved and joined the chase. Something strange happened. The deserter managed to escape, but the man who was responsible for the chase was killed by the man from Eagle. It was made to appear that the whole charade was true. But whatever the truth was, people from Eagle knew nothing about this. This was the only explanation given by Mr. Wang. Now the man from Eagle was locked in a closed guard chamber and no one could come visit him.

The closed guard chamber was said to be a horrible place. It didn't have any light or windows. Just pure nothingness. It was like being trapped in a void. It could turn someone mad. Its terror could fill up the human heart and no one knew what could happen next. That was not even the worse part. To destroy any glimmer of reason, they used the sound of a clock ticking.

The man in the closed guard chamber would never know what would happen.

Daniel finished his story, wiping the sweat off his forehead with a small towel. Eyebrows were tightly knitted as Edgar was deep in thought and the finally told Gordon, "Hey, don't go back. Go to the closed guard chamber."

"Yes, sir!" Gordon immediately shifted the car to a different direction.

"W-wait, are you serious? You're going to the closed guard chamber now?" Daniel asked puzzled.

"I am always serious," Edgar replied.

Initially, Edgar didn't had any plans tonight but the situation had forced him to make an action. He knew that if it was his man's fault, Eagle would surely take the responsibility whether it was intentional or by accident. But if it wasn't, the one who tried to make false charges against Eagle wou

the armored brigade so he succeeded in escaping my interception. But it allowed Tom to catch up with him. Henry mumbled something, and then I understood that Tom did something inhumane to him. At that point, I don't know anymore. It made my blood boil and I tried my best to split them apart. I went ahead and joined their so-called battle.

One said that other didn't treat him well and fairly while the latter said that the former was a deserter. It was a terrible mess." Jeffrey was originally intended to separate the two people and brought them back to S Army, but the final result was that Henry became a deserter, and Tom was accidentally punched down by him, falling on the ground with a few convulsions before he finally died.

Jeffrey was well-aware of his own physical strength, which was the result of his daily training. The fact he killed Tom with a punch was a deadly blow to his career. Aside from the mandatory discharge he was facing from the army, he would also be sentenced to voluntary manslaughter. A rural soldier such as Jeffrey had experienced a lot of hardships and training way before entering Eagle. Despite not being locked up inside the closed guard chamber for too long, the experience was bad enough to make him shudder.

His sobs filled the room as Edgar and Daniel gave each other a serious look. From their knowledge, Tom had gotten broken ribs way earlier before the incident. There was a large possibility that Jeffrey might have punched Tom's broken ribs which, in turn, poked his heart.

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