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   Chapter 1365 Extra Story 120 Of Edgar Swooping In

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"Sir, where are we going?" the taxi driver asked politely after he had rolled down the window.

Cain boarded the taxi and stared at the driver through the rear-view mirror. "Dukes Hotel."

"Understood," the driver replied and started the car into the bustle of the city.

Cain stared through the car window at the moment until his eyelids started to feel a bit heavy. Why not take a small rest? There was a distance from the military district to Dukes Hotel so he decided to make use of it to organize his thoughts.

"Dad! Dad! Please let my dad go! He is not a bad person! Please let him go!"

"According to sub article 2, Article 567 of the Criminal Law, your father is deprived of lifelong political rights. Death penalty shall be imposed and the execution will happen ten days later!"

"No! Please! Have mercy on him!"

Suddenly, Cain opened his eyes in a flash, gasping for air. His face was filled with cold sweat, and he squinted his eyes at the flashing lights outside the car. His handsome face was in an uneasy haze.

The driver seemed not to notice anything and was focused on driving. However, a car accident blocked the road which was one crossing away from Dukes Hotel.

"This looks serious." The driver stretched his neck to figure it out and turned his head to asked, "Sir, there's only one crossing left to Dukes Hotel. Shall I stop here or bypass another way?"

"It's fine. I'll get down here," Cain answered, pulled out his wallet, and picked a bill randomly to give to the driver. "Keep the change." He got out of the car, leaving the driver speechless. The cab fare on the meter was less than the half of the bill's amount.

Cain walked around the noisy streets with his hands in his pockets. Flashing lights, car honking, siren sounds, cries, and screams. Just exactly what happened to him twenty years ago. Nonetheless, the only difference was that the leading characters were him and his mother back then.

Pausing for a moment, Cain looked at the scene of the accident. Crowds of people surrounded the troublemaker. Cain's sight fell upon the E-bike that was crushed and hurt. It reminded him of his bicycle many years ago.

The brand new bicycle was turned into a heart-breaking grievance which was rooted deep in his heart forever and remained untouchable.

The firefighters' voices stood out despite the city noises. The sound of the chainsaw released a ear-piercing sound, causing some people to shout. Ambulance had brought the wounded up and the pool of blood on the pavement looked like some magma from hell.

He turned away. Even though he was far from the spot, he could see that both parties were seriously injured. They might probably die. A child was left there, crying for his mom.

Cain had finally arrived at the hotel. He slightly frowned when he saw the

humiliated in such a manner. It's unfair, really."

Mr. Wang didn't agree at what Edgar said. "Captain Edgar, so you also knew that he is a soldier from Eagle. Tell me, what is Eagle? Ah, I'll tell you. It's the special brigade where every soldier has received professional training. Do you think an ordinary chamber is able to lock him?" He kept asking aggressively, not letting Edgar to defend himself. "Or maybe, Captain Edgar, do you intend to cover for your subordinates in front of our senior military officer? You should be ashamed to be their superior."

Daniel only glared at Mr. Wang and spat, "What are you talking about?"

"What do I mean? I guess I didn't made it clear for you. After all, dead men tell no tales," Mr. Wang only sneered.

"Wasn't there an army deserter?" William spoke with apathy. "No matter what the result is, it's too early to draw out conclusions. Edgar, take your soldier out of the closed guard chamber and confine him in an ordinary one." Then he glimpsed at Mr. Wang, who was about to interrupt him, and said, "I know you aren't up for it. Just let Edgar check it out first." And then turned to Edgar. "Now, Mr. Wang, you should send someone to assist Edgar to catch the soldier at large. After all, it should be settled down as soon as possible."

"Yes!" Edgar and Mr. Wang spoke together sharply.

"Good. You are dismissed." After that, William paused and added, "Mr. Wang, please stay. I need to know about this from you. Edgar and Daniel, go and check on your own subordinates. I believe that everyone from Eagle is a capable hero so we won't wrong or tolerate anybody."

"Understood!" Edgar and Daniel left William's office together.

When the two of them got into the jeep, Edgar asked indifferently, "What the hell is going on, Daniel? Why there's someone being killed?"

The two men looked at each other in silence.

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