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   Chapter 1364 Extra Story 119 Of Edgar Swooping In

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Maggie blinked her eyes when she got an answer, a typical one. The senior military officer required William to perform host duties, considering Cain had to return back to the country alone. Back then, when William and Edgar's father visited Y Country, Cain's family were very hospitable towards them. Hence, the intention was so blatantly obvious.

Maggie pursed her lips. She only had a few fond memories during her younger years; she couldn't associate anything, even if Hana had told her the experience in Y Country. She pondered whether Cain would forgive her even though she did pull a few tricks up her sleeve. Maybe he would be willing to forgive her without any special reasons, after all.

At the thought of this, Maggie's eyes turned cunning and her lips curved slyly upward. Unfortunately, she couldn't come up with a satisfying plan. Suddenly, the S Army issued an urgent mission in the middle of dinner. It required William's and Edgar's presence so the two men didn't even finish their food.

Emptiness filled Maggie's heart, as if she was Juliet waiting for her Romeo to appear.

"Don't worry. It's fine. I think it's more convenient for me to live in the hotel owned by my father." Cain politely turned down Hana's invitation. "Besides, I had a lot of unfinished affairs left untended due to my busy schedule. I plan to make use of my days off to handle them. Or else my staff will blame it on me if they miss out on the annual bonus." Then he let out a chuckle.

Upon hearing this, Hana had no reason to force him anymore. She took a deep breath and smiled kindly, "Well, you're still here during the Spring Festival, right? Don't forget the reunion dinner with us, alright?"

"Well, if my parents aren't present at that time, I will surely come," Cain promised, giving a polite nod. "Oh dear me. I'm afraid I will be bothering you." Hana's mouth dropped slightly and then she chuckled.

"Don't be so silly! Why would you even think you're going to be a bother to me?" Cain made Hana's day. She couldn't help expressing her preference towards him. He was such a nice man! If Maggie didn't marry Edgar, she would have pushed Maggie to fall for Cain. In Hana's eyes, Cain

and went closer toward to Maggie dangerously. "Is it true

or is it false?" Maggie pushed Cain away hard, glaring at him with no hint of mercy. She drew out her arms so she could manage to run back home. Filled with panic, she trudged quickly in a few steps. Her alert mind made her turn around to make sure that Cain wasn't doing anything weird. He only gave her a complacent smile and put his hands in his pockets, causing her to almost tumble onto the ground.

Cain's smile got broader, but the dim light emitted by the street lamps softened his features. Maggie didn't detect anything weird and she was embarrassed to turn around to look for something. The night sky, maybe?

Then Cain finally turned around to head to the gate. The night winds were howling and swept towards his face like a sharp cold blade, but Cain still walked gently and elegantly.

The security guard by the front gate kept observing Cain until he was already five feet away from the gate. 'Did my eyes deceive me? Why did I see a murderous look on his face? It was like... the eyes of some venomous snake.'

Cain hitched a ride on Edgar's car when he came earlier. While Edgar was leaving, he didn't ask Maggie to escort Cain. The unwillingness was present in Maggie's eyes. The military district wasn't located downtown and it wasn't far away from it. It only took ten minutes to arrive at the revenue. Standing on the sidewalk, Cain hailed for the first empty cab he saw.

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