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   Chapter 1363 Extra Story 118 Of Edgar A Night Missing In The Forest

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He hung up and then turned to look out the windows. The students were sitting on stools outside, listening to Cain's lecture. Cain was writing on the mobile whiteboard as he spoke. Edgar looked between him and Maggie, trying to figure out what had happened between them.

He hoped that he got it wrong and that there was nothing between his wife and Cain. But he was unable to convince himself.

Time flew fast when people got busy. A month passed while the students experienced more physical training and had to take tests. The new year was drawing near. Everyone was excited for the upcoming vacation. However, the vacation benefited students who lived close by. The students who came from farther away wouldn't have time to go back home.

After vacation, these specially trained students would be further trained in groups according to their abilities and preferences. Therefore, the vacation would be a precious time for them.

Edgar was leaning against the door of the cross country vehicle, wearing a pair of leather gloves and holding a lighted cigarette between his fingers. Different from his usual military get-up, today he wore causally. He also wore a pair of rimless glasses which covered his eagle-like eyes. As he lowered his head slightly, the wind blew and hit him, blowing the cigarette smoke into his face, which added to his charm. His allurement came naturally as though he was born with it.

Everyone who passed him turned to look at him; some girls stared and couldn't help but drool a little when they saw how attractive and glamorous he looked. When Maggie walked out of the building, she was drawn to him as well. Noting how the others were reacting to him, she felt upset, but she hid her anger as she walked over to Edgar. But before she could reach him, Cain came out of nowhere and walked in front of her, blocking her path.

Cain was another type of cool. He always wore a slight smile on his well-shaped face. The smile was slight but warm rather than wicked, cold or sardonic. Looking up at him, Maggie wondered why Cain was always treating her so unkindly. Not only was the physical training tough, but he also made it hard for her outside of the training sessions, such as when they happened to cross paths.

Maggie had no idea to handle this. At first, she was outraged. But after it happened so many times, she found it foolish to be angry about it for longer. It might even be an exaggeration to say tha

has changed and left."

Their fight passed quickly and ended quickly just like that, and suddenly they returned to friendly bantering.

"Let's go." Edgar nodded to the car. "We'll go to the supermarket first."

He walked to the driver's seat as he talked. Cain also moved to get in. "Sounds good. I have to get a gift. This is my first time visiting her father."

They were talking as if they were long friends and nothing had happened. However, anger and grievance overwhelmed Maggie all the way home. She was angry at Edgar, who was talking to Cain a lot during the trip, and Cain's voice was like a drill to her. She felt as if it were assaulting her ears every time he spoke.

Edgar drove to the supermarket, where they all shopped. There was five 5 more days until the new year and the spring festival. As a married couple, Maggie and Edgar knew just what to buy for their parents and parents-in-law. After a round of heavy shopping, they left the supermarket, their arms full of groceries.

When they got in the car again, Maggie looked at Cain had bought. She found that all the things he bought were exactly what her father and Hana liked. It was weird that he could have known exactly what food to buy since she and Edgar didn't tell him anything about what to get. They did their shopping separately.

With great confusion, Maggie turned around and took out her phone from her pocket and sent Hana a text message.

"Hana, do you know why Father has invited Cain to our home for dinner?"

She needed more information so that she could decide what to do next.

She needed to have a way to cope with Cain.

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