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   Chapter 1362 Extra Story 117 Of Edgar A Night Missing In The Forest

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But Edgar was not satisfied with Cain's response. He narrowed his eyes at somewhere near where he thought that the instructor was hiding. In these past few days, he'd learned something about Cain, and he wanted to use it to his advantage. Although this man acted as if he was kind and tender-hearted, he could always learn of others' weakness. He'd spent a long time studying psychology that the ability was almost like a superpower to him. It was unreal. Cain knew all of the students well, and he also knew Claire and Edgar well. He undoubtedly discovered everyone's weaknesses.

A sophisticated mind reader like him would be a dangerous threat if he were on the enemy's side. Thankfully, he seemed to stand on their side. On their side, he would be an excellent trainer or military counselor for the army.

Without saying a word, Edgar took several steps forward in the darkness of the forest. Due to his outstanding training at night and in darkness, he could easily find Cain. Now, he stood in a short distance from Cain.

"Positioning your target by sound. Very impressive." Cain looked over at him with profuse admiration. "Particularly in such a dark and complicated forest at midnight. It seems to be a piece of cake for you. You deserve legendary fame in Eagle Special Brigade. Very remarkable."

"I never think a woman belongs to a man forever," Edgar said, completely ignoring Cain's high praises. He didn't much care of what his coworker had to say about his abilities. After a pause, he continued, "If the man ends up with a girl, he must have earned her heart." He paused again, and the look in his eyes became deeper, as if he were lost in a lake of thought. "I don't mind that some other man might try and flirt with her, talk to her, and attempt at having a relationship with her. Of course, he might fail. But..." He paused again, taking two more steps forward. Now there was no distance between himself and Cain. "I never allow anyone to hurt her," he finished, his voice like a feral animal's and full of threat and powerful might.

Cain simply gave him a light, tender smile, which was so gentle that almost made Edgar forget what he had done. "You and Maggie have made the same mistake," he told Edgar in a nonchalant voice. He paused in order to emphasize his words. "It's not right for you t

ay with him forever. He was more worried about Cain.

William realized that he had gone off on a tangent, and focused the conversation back on what Edgar had said. "Cain's being paying attention to Maggie, you say? Hmm...I thought of a reason as to why that could be just now. Your father and I went to Y Country when Maggie was about 3 or 4. At that time, we visited the family who had adopted Cain. He was about 11 or 12 when we visited."

His boss's reply made Edgar feel uneasy. Something must have happened back then. That would be why Cain seemed to pay Maggie a lot of attention.

"I guess he was lonely at that time when he lived overseas. So he saw Maggie as a very close friend. Maybe that's why she's so important to him." As mixed feeling haunted Edgar, William continued, "Hmm, it comes to mind that Maggie was so soft when she was little. I have never expected that she would grow up so manly." Then he stopped, wondering why his daughter turned out to be a tomboy. He frowned and his forehead line creased. "I think you played a key role," he told Edgar.

Ignoring William's blabbering, Edgar sighed, feeling sad at the thought of Maggie and Cain's first meeting when they were both younger. It sounded cheesy, but love at first sight was real, and Edgar was aware that it happened a lot in the world. That's why movies, TV shows, and books have the love at first sight plot as the main story element. Thinking more about Cain and Maggie, Edgar grew sulkier, feeling like there had to be something else that he didn't know.

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