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   Chapter 1361 Extra Story 116 Of Edgar A Night Missing In The Forest

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7160

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"You must have a lot of strength to be sauntering around at midnight. It seems that the training these days is not rigorous enough for you." Edgar spoke in a deep, mellow voice, a flirtatious thrill running over his words. It made his words sound both intriguing and alluring.

Suddenly, all of Maggie's fears dissipated. Her eyes turned red and a lump formed in her throat. She looked up at him and tried to fight the urge to scream out. Her mind was completely blank. Therefore, she broke into a run towards Edgar, because she knew that he would scare away her fears.

Edgar took this opportunity to engulf her in his arms and hug her tightly. Her soft body running to him and feeling her chest against his made him feel warm inside. In order to hide his uneasiness, he looked down at her and spoke softly. "You act so causally and rush into my arms. Do you think that's proper? If someone else sees, they'll surely laugh at you."

"I don't care whether they laugh or not." Burying her face into his shirt, Maggie wrapped her arms around his torso. "Besides, you should also be scared of someone seeing us."

Her soft and loving reply and action made Edgar smile lightly. At the moment, he was sensing all kinds of feelings that it was hard to calm them down. He kept his arms around her, hugging her tighter and tighter as if to drag her into his heart, away from everything else. Finally, he sighed. "Yes. You're right. But even so, I still overcome every difficulty and come here to see whether you would come or not." He let go of Maggie just enough to hold her away slightly so he could look at her face, love in his eyes. He noticed her eyes were wet with tears. They must be out of fear, he thought as he brushed them away. Not being able to hold back any longer, he bent forward and kissed her on the lips. It was cold, and their lips felt like ice against each other; all the while they felt sweet and warm.

The night was black, only filled up with the cold and brutal wind, which was why Edgar couldn't feel any warmth from her lips. However, their passion fueled up the temper. The desire and lust fired up in his body. He p

aggie stared at him. "Instructor Edgar, do you think your behavior can be classified into jobbery?" she asked in a fierce voice that Edgar found quite cute and irresistible.

He smiled widely and gazed down at her. "Right now, I'm not an instructor. I am Edgar, your husband!" Then he waved a hand, motioning that she should go back. "Well, it's getting late. You should be heading back."

Although Maggie still wanted to have more time with him, she knew that it was best that she headed back. Reluctantly, she started walking back, eyes watery, and occasionally she would turn back to look at Edgar.

As he watched her leave, he stood still in the quiet of the night, with only the chilly wind to keep him company. He stayed there until he could no longer see her, and then he frowned. "I thought Claire was the only one sneaking around with the gossip," he hissed into the air, turning on his heels to walk back. He had felt someone else's presence. "But I never expect that Instructor Cain would do it too!"

Behind a tree, Cain smiled slightly. Instead of revealing himself, he stayed hidden from Edgar's sight. "I was just wandering around when you and Maggie first met here. You and her looked like you couldn't control yourselves and you nearly did something improper. So I didn't want to come anywhere near you guys. But I want you to know that I have no interest in you and your lover as well as your romance."

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