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   Chapter 1360 Extra Story 115 Of Edgar The Second Round A Loss

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Claire sneered. "So what?" Then she paused. Watching Maggie's figure disappearing from sight, she continued, "I have worked hard for years to establish a relationship with Edgar, but how can I let a simple girl come in between us and take the initiative to marry him?" Looking away from Maggie to Cain, she added, "I have never concealed my feelings for Edgar. However, what you have done is quite confusing. Will you tell me that you have known Maggie before you came here to work? Isn't that the truth?"

Cain only smiled faintly, and this time his smile stayed around his mouth. It didn't reach his eyes. After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke again. "If I say yes, then what? If I say no, then what?"

"Let's work together," Claire said. She didn't beat around the bush. Instead she got straight to the point. "I don't care what your aim is...I just care about mine. I have one aim, and that is to have Edgar Gu."

"I'm afraid that even if Edgar Gu wasn't with Maggie Du, he still would not get together with you," Cain said plainly, also getting straight to the point and stabbing Claire in the heart with his words. "I don't care about your aim either. No matter what I care about, and what my aim is, neither is your business. As for your proposal, I'll pretend not to have seen you or heard what you said to me." Claire's face changed color as each word hit her ears and stung her heart. She could only watch and stare as he leveled her with a look.

He would take revenge. And he didn't need any allies.

'Edgar Gu, '

Cain thought, pausing in his steps to look at the darkening sky, which reflected the gloominess that he felt deep within. 'There is something that you may think has already finished, but in fact it hasn't. I wonder if it will hurt you more, or if it will hurt me more.'

A fa

ardly keep her eyes open. She looked over at Maggie, who was sitting by the side of her bed and looking out of the window. "Aren't you tired?"

"If I say that I'm not tired, I would be lying." Maggie had a deepened gaze on her face. She had exerted all her energy. How could she not be tired? However, despite her fatigue, she was not sleepy at all. She was thinking about the almost invisible faint smile at the corners of Cain's mouth and his gaze which seemed to absorb anything he looked at, including her.

Monica didn't respond. She fell asleep in mere minutes, and soon her breathing and snoring could be heard coming from her body.

Maggie watched Monica for a while. Then with a heavy heart, she walked out of the dormitory building. There was nothing except the moon in the dark sky. In the cold winter night, she walked to the No. 4 training ground, where she had attended training for the past half a month.

All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks and widened her eyes. She looked around. There was a slender figure standing in the shadow of a tree.

"It's late but you're idling about outside.

It seems that the training during the past half a month was not intensive enough for you!"

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