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   Chapter 1358 Extra Story 113 Of Edgar The Second Round A Loss

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7628

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As soon as Maggie heard the question, the corners of her lips twitched. She stopped washing the clothes and looked up towards the direction of the voice. Although she couldn't see anyone, she could hear voices around the corner.

"Hmm." It was a female student who was speaking. In a serious tone, she said, "I guess Instructor Edgar is a top and Instructor Cain could be either a top or a bottom."

"I think so too," another student echoed her excitedly. "Instructor Edgar looks as resolute as a top at first glance, while Instructor Cain looks soft and gentle, but sometimes he can also emit a dark and evil aura, like Satan. He could be either a top or a bottom."

While listening to their conversation, Maggie couldn't even start to describe her feelings. She couldn't believe it! 'How did their minds work?' she wondered.

"Alas, the most annoying part is that Maggie Du is in between them. As a girl who's rough around the edges, how can she do that?"

Maggie was extremely angry. Now that she was mentioned, she couldn't keep quiet any longer. She threw the clothes into the basin and walked out of the laundry room with both hands on her hips. She glared at the two students, rage in her eyes, and teeth gritting. "Damn it! Because Edgar and I obtained the marriage certificate!"

Just like a flash of lightning that suddenly appeared in the corridor, her words astonished everybody who heard them. Her marriage to Edgar, up until this moment, had been kept secret, and the students only knew about the story through rumors and word of mouth. No one really knew the truth. So hearing Maggie blurting her secret out stunned everyone.

When they heard her words, the female students who were in the corridor all gulped and looked at Maggie, fear clear in their eyes.

In a cold voice, Maggie added, "You can make up and spread all kinds of stories as you like, but never let me hear anything about us again. Or else I will make you suffer on the training ground!" Then she spun on her heel and stomped back into the laundry room.

As soon as she turned around, the students began to murmur. With a sigh, Maggie turned back around and all at once, the voices stopped.

"By the way, I have to remind you of something," Maggie said in a cold voice. "Big mouths and

"All right. You know that the students in our college don't have much entertainment in campus. Now that there is some material for fun, everybody's going to pay attention like how flies find shit." After taking a short pause, he continued, "Both your husband and Cain are charming. Women fall in love with them, while men envy them. But you seem to have both their hearts and attention. Of course people will feel uncomfortable."

Listening to Benjamin's analysis, Maggie found that she was able to restrain a bit. However, when she saw that Claire was acting intimately by Edgar's side, she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

"Maybe you're thinking too much. From where we sit, they're interacting at an appropriate distance, but you don't think that it's normal," Monica said. "You should think carefully. There are so many students here. As an instructor, how can Claire behave like a sultry woman? Even if she didn't care about what other people see and think, why would she ignore the possibility of being punished for improper behavior in public?"

"Hmm. I think Monica is right," Benjamin said in a serious voice, nodding.

Maggie sighed deeply, lowering her head to look at the egg white in her bowl. She had already crumbled it and it was in small pieces. "I actually agree. I know Monica's right, but I still feel uncomfortable." She believed that no woman could be generous to her competitors in love. If she were that generous, that could only mean that she did not care about her man at all.

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