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   Chapter 1357 Extra Story 112 Of Edgar The First Round A Failure

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While she was thinking about all this, unconsciously, her facial expression turned from a nonchalant one to an angry one. "Are you angry?" a soft, low, deep and magnetic voice whispered in her ear. Maggie, Benjamin and Monica all looked at the direction of the voice. Cain was seated across from them at the table, a plate of food set in front of him.

Instinctively, Benjamin looked around. He saw that Edgar and Claire were sitting at another table together. He turned back to glare at Cain. 'Why is he here? And what is he smiling at? Is he framing us?' he thought.

Maggie, on the other hand, didn't think the same as Benjamin did. She looked at the man in front of her, who was extremely handsome but kind of a devil as a training instructor. "Shouldn't I be angry?" she asked innocently.

Once again, his lips curled up a little in a faint smile. "Hmm. You should be," he answered with a nod. "Then why don't you explain?"

A glimmer of cunning flashed in Maggie's eyes. "Mr. Nan..." she prolonged his name, which sounded terrifying to Benjamin and Monica, who were watching their friend and Cain talk it out. Suddenly, Maggie placed a hand over Cain's on the table, which caused gasps to emit from the students. "The more I try to explain to them, the more they'll disbelieve me and the more they'll believe the rumor. The most effective way to break a rumor is to create a more efficient rumor. Do you think so, sir?"

Cain lowered his eyes to look at her hand, which was different from the hand of any girl he had touched before. Their hands were either so

aining, the rumor was developing and Maggie took the terrible consequence of what she and Cain had done in the dining hall. Before that, the students only could not understand how Maggie had gotten to know the secret of training. However, after watching the scene in the dining hall, they deduced a dramatic story of a love triangle. There was quite a few versions of the story. It was acceptable that they said there was a sexual relationship between her and Edgar or between her and Cain, but she could not accept the evil saying that it was she who destroyed the relationship between Edgar and Cain.

It was because all the students talked about it that pretty soon it overwhelmed Maggie. While she was washing her clothes, she thought about the rumors over and over until she grew angrier and angrier. She was already angry enough, but when she heard a couple of students talking about it in the corridor, it was the last straw.

"Well, in your opinion, between Instructor Edgar and Instructor Cain, who is the top and who is the bottom?"

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