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   Chapter 1356 Extra Story 111 Of Edgar The First Round A Failure

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The sight of Claire standing by Edgar's side really upset Maggie.

She glanced at Cain, who looked as casual and lazy as usual. For some reason, she sensed that he had looked at her moments before. 'Am I thinking too much?' she asked herself.

"Attention." Edgar spoke as he looked at the students with a cold, calculated look. His eyes burned into theirs, forcing them to pay their upmost attention to him. "You've met me and gotten to know me. This instructor." He pointed to Cain. "He's Cain Nan." Edgar introduced Cain to the students and then he introduced Claire. While the students looked the two new instructors up and down, he continued in his calm and emotionless voice, "For the first emergency assembly, 78 students arrived here in time as specified. Now the others will run 20 circles around the playground."

As soon as he gave the order, the students whined and groaned, creating a cacophonous roar. One student even spoke up and suggested that the assembly not start until the morning.

"It's half past midnight now. The assembled training has begun." Instead of Edgar speaking, it was Cain who spoke now. While Edgar's voice was deep and sonorous, Cain's was much softer to the ears, with a pressing feel. When he spoke, everyone become nervous in spite of themselves.

"20 circles in an hour. Instructor Cain will supervise you!" Edgar barked, his gaze falling on each student who arrived, taking a moment for each one to sense his authority.

It was half past midnight, which meant that it was a new day now, and it would be the first day of training. Whining and cursing the instructors under their breaths, the students who were late started to run, not able to do anything about it. While they ran, the 78 students who arrived on time were overjoyed at not having to run circles. In fact, some of them applauded themselves, proud that they had gone to sleep in their clothes, just in case an emergenc

d of competing against each other, even though they did not complete all of the exercises they were given, the instructors would lessen the load. Because of that, a rumor began spreading among the students—

Maggie learned the loophole of their training because she was in a relationship with Edgar.

At first, Maggie didn't care much about the rumor or what the other students said. It was just a few of them who would talk, and she would rather have her hands empty. However, as time progressed, the rumor spread even more, and more of the students were talking about her behind her back or even around and in front of her. Eventually, everybody was involved in the gossip and she could not keep calm any longer.

She had tried hard to figure out the secret of how to reduce the training not only for herself but for all of the students, but suddenly she was met with the rumor that she had weaseled it out of her lover. In fact, she had not talked with Edgar since she had sent the text message to him the day before, nor had she seen him before showing up to the first day of training, and all of their phones and electronic devices were taken from them. She and Edgar had not spoken at all since then. She didn't know how the other students could misunderstand her kindness.

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