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   Chapter 1355 Extra Story 110 Of Edgar The First Round A Failure

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Maggie was listening to Monica, but her eyes were fixed on Cain. She always did like things that are pleasing to her eyes, including handsome men. She did, however, have some propriety. She knew how far to go and when to stop. Nevertheless, she froze when the new instructor's eyes halted on her. He was like a deep ancient lake that she could not help but want to explore. She wanted to discover his secret, but maybe she would fall into a bottomless abyss.

"Comrade Maggie Du, you're a married woman now," Monica reminded her, giving her friend a small nudge. "Don't have a crush on anyone but Captain Edgar." Saying that, she realized the joy of being single, and reveled in the freedom that she had. As Cain walked away, she followed him with her eyes, even after his figure disappeared into a darkened shadow, half visible and half invisible against the white snow.

Maggie didn't take her eyes off Cain until he disappeared from her sight. The sighs and chatters of all the girls suddenly overwhelmed her ears. It seemed that Cain had replaced Edgar in their hearts just from a single glimpse of the instructor. Maggie looked around her female classmates, not in the mood for a snowball fight anymore. She told them that she wanted to stop, and that she intended to go back to her dormitory.

"Wait for me!"

Monica cried. Maggie didn't stop walking, but waited until her friend tackled her from behind, knocking her shoulder and linking her arm with hers. Maggie turned to see her friend grinning at her.

"What's wrong? You're unhappy to find a man more handsome than your husband?" Monica teased. "Or it wasn't until just now that you realized that you married too early and you couldn't look at any other man?"

Maggie sighed, looking down again. "Neither of those," she said sulkily. She didn't know why, but she felt as though Cain could see through her every time he looked at her, despite the calm and peaceful look that he had. As a result, she felt restless and uneasy. "Neither," she said again. "I don't know why, but I felt uncomfortable when I looked at that man."

"What?" Monica stopped walking and looked at her friend confusedly. Why did Cain make Maggie uncomfortable? He was a whole different level of handsome and attractive, and he was nothing short of a perfect light to her eyes and to her mind. It seemed unfathomable that he would cause di

abide by strict military discipline. They might relax to a certain extent on other days, but they were taking part in the assembled training for the time being. Everything would be the same as in military camps.

The students arrived in succession. Most of them were male students, and there were only a few female students. Claire looked down at the electronic timekeeper in her hand. There was half a minute left. She looked around the students, most of whom were dressed neatly. Not seeing Maggie, she smiled faintly. She hoped that Maggie wouldn't be on time.

Benjamin arrived, out of breath from having run all the way from his dormitory. He looked around and found that neither Maggie nor Monica had arrived yet. Of course he got worried, but since the instructors were up ahead, he couldn't turn around and run back to check on his friends.

"Excuse me!" Maggie's voice rang through, and Claire looked away. "Maggie Du is here! Monica Sun is here!" the girls yelled.

Claire took a look at the timekeeper again. To her dismay, the girls arrived before time ran out. She looked up at Maggie and in the dim light, her facial expression couldn't be easily seen.

Maggie didn't look at Claire, but she sensed the sharp look that she was giving her. It felt as though nothing but Maggie's death would satisfy her. Maggie had never expected to see Claire again, especially under these circumstances. Despite the same military rank as first lieutenant on their shoulder marks, Claire was a teacher and she was a student. There was a forever broken gap between the two of them.

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