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   Chapter 1354 Extra Story 109 Of Edgar A New Instructor

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10568

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Considering the unshakable military discipline, Edgar and Maggie had to keep a distance from each other while on campus no matter how close they usually were outside the school. After all, Edgar was the commander in chief of instructors, while Maggie was only a trainee.

Being mobbed by Benjamin and Monica for details of her holiday, Maggie took advantage of what happened on Dragon Island to evade the crucial point, while gifting them with presents. After all, the fact that she and Edgar had visited the base camp of Dragon Island and that she and Addison had then studied further how to alter ballistic range was confidential and could not be revealed.

"Well, it's rumored that we will have two new instructors tomorrow," Benjamin suddenly shared.

Maggie frowned and looked at Benjamin with confusion.

"Don't you know?" Benjamin found she had not expected the news so he questioned, "Your captain never told you about it?"

Maggie shook her head frowning.

Amy couldn't tolerate Benjamin anymore and laughed at him, "As you know, her captain is always busy flirting with her, so how could he possibly find the time to tell her something like that? It will be announced tomorrow after all." When she finished speaking, she winked and gave Maggie a broad grin.

Maggie was thick-skinned when it came to her acquaintances, especially with Monica and Benjamin. Hearing her sarcastic remark, Maggie shook her head with pride and didn't give a damn. However, she froze after hearing from Benjamin who exactly those instructors were.

"It's reported that one of them has overseas experience, while the other one is a military genius who, although not involved in a field of study, is still a legend." After a second's thought, Benjamin lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "In addition, there's another girl who comes from S Army. She's already made the rank of lieutenant at such a young age. Well, what's her name..." Through great effort, he eventually remembered and uttered words Maggie didn't want to hear. "It's Claire Qin! She is well-known in the artillery brigade."

Maggie's lips trembled with instant rage and she couldn't believe her ears. "Pardon? What's her name again?"

"Claire Qin!" Benjamin was one hundred percent sure, but he was confused by Maggie's pale face. "What's wrong? Why are you acting so weird?" The colour had left Maggie's face completely and she trembled violently.

She glanced at Monica who was also curious about her reaction, and then looking at Benjamin, she ground her teeth and admitted, "She is my rival in love."

"A-ha..." Monica had never imagined such an answer from Maggie, so she rolled her eyes to show her contempt to Maggie. "Is that all? Please don't forget that you're now married to your captain. Is there still any need to treat her like an enemy?"

"Couldn't agree more!" Benjamin echoed, and then shifted the topic to something else. "I think you shouldn't forget about the military genius." He was really excited and kept talking. "Although I'm not sure about his name yet, and didn't manage to get any more juicy details, it is widely reported that he is quite a handsome guy. W

titude and elegance, Brian's angular face, and Eric's evil charisma. Once upon a time, Maggie had thought that she would never be mesmerized by any man other than Edgar. Nevertheless, the man in front of her made her heart flutter for a few seconds.

With a height of over 6 feet, hair blowing in the freezing wind, well formed eyes, a high-bridged nose, and lips in an angular diamond shape, he was indeed a handsome male specimen due to this perfect combination. All of these added to the deadly charisma emanating from him. It seemed that each of these facial features on their own could certainly be called pretty or sexy. However, the combination of these quickly turned into a deadly temptation for girls.

Maggie was so obsessed with Cain that even though she was struck by a snow ball, she gave no response at all. Within the fluctuating moment, and with her thoughts wondering, her senses quickly determined that this man was domineering. It seemed that he was such a mystery, that she had an impulse to explore what was hidden deep inside his heart.

"What's wrong, Maggie?" Monica asked without paying attention, but when she followed Maggie's line of sight, she was shocked speechless when she noticed the unfettered beauty of Cain. It took her quite a while to process what she saw and she couldn't help wondering aloud at his charm. "Wow! He is a god among mortals! On campus he will surely stand out among all the other men with his physical appeal. He is surely an evil charming thing!"

Gradually, other girls who were engaged in snowball fights had all stopped to observe Cain, but all they saw was the sight of his back. Despite this, his long legs, like a model's, and the sight of his back wrapped in a black cotton coat triggered endless imaginations. These few things were enough to arouse the curiosity of all the girls and they wondered what he looked like.

"Wow, he is unbelievably hot!" While exclaiming, Monica suddenly froze, and turned to Maggie. "Well, he didn't wear a military uniform." She grinned then. "So he is the so-called military genius, our new instructor?"

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