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   Chapter 1353 Extra Story 108 Of Edgar A New Instructor

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"Yeah, we have to bite the bullet in order to steal his technique!"

After Maggie listened to Edgar's whole explanation, her mouth couldn't help trembling, since she came to realize that their bond was the real purpose.

As Maggie imagined, it was the real reason why Edgar had brought her here. Besides, the supervisor had also taken it into account by permitting the three-day vacation. Of course, it was Edgar's selfish motives which had seized the opportunity and contributed to this private bonding time with Maggie.

It was a long story to tell. When Edgar returned after peace-making, he had heard that Addison had finally worked out how to alter the firing range under Shirley's guidance. Edgar had conceived the idea of stealing the updated technique, but there was no reason to justify this move considering his identity as the leader of the Eagle. With the bond between him and Maggie strengthening in leaps and bounds, and the phone call from Molly to ask about his present situation, this trip to Dragon Island was a natural consequence.

Molly knew quite clearly what Brian thought. Of course, Edgar was no exception, since they had lived together in the same yard from an early age, not to mention that he had previously had feelings for her. It was highly likely that Maggie's personality would resonate with Molly, which was why Edgar brought her to Dragon Island. However, Molly would also have an understanding of the biggest roadblock stopping Maggie. As a result, Addison's technical achievement had become the present that Molly hoped to give to Maggie.

Although this present would not be given to her all neat and wrapped up with a bow, Maggie could figure out the details based on Addison's instruction, Wyatt's display and her own hands-on feelings to continue her explorations.

Maggie was greatly delighted due to the breakthrough made from Addison's work, and therefore, despite her dissatisfaction with Edgar's tricks, the reason for their trip was understandable. The ultimate goal was to resolve what she had always been concerned about.

Edgar was nowhere to be found after one night's stay. Molly accompanied Maggie to visit some prestigious tourist attractions of Dragon Island. The present Dragon Island was ever evolving, compared to the island whe

such a chilly day. After dinner, the driver will take you back to school."

Edgar turned to look at Hana and explained apologetically, "Mom, we're not going back. It's only an hour before Maggie has to report to the army. She will be late if we finish our dinner at home. That would be against army regulations."

Hearing the refusal, Hana froze momentarily, but put on smile again after sensing Maggie's exceptional anticipation. "You're already an instructor, the person in charge. Does it matter if you are late for an hour or two?"

Edgar restated quietly, "That's the exact reason why she isn't allowed to be late." Nowadays, there was much gossip about him and Maggie on the campus. In his position, only if he was even stricter with Maggie, could she be spared the pain of being commented on by someone who didn't even know them.

From his perspective, he was okay no matter what others said about him. However, Maggie was his wife, and no one was allowed to spread lies about her. For him it was a far worse punishment to hear criticism about her than about himself.

Maggie didn't have any realization of this at first, but after hearing what Edgar said, she rushed to comfort Hana, "Mom, isn't there only one month before the Spring Festival? We'll have days off then. We will just have to look forward to your home-made mutton hot pot until then."

As the wife of an army man, Hana could understand Edgar's concern, so she made a compromise by nodding, and asked the driver to take them back to the school.

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